{ Monthly Goals and Practicing Self-Love | DECEMBER }

Monthly Goals and Practicing Self-Love

Setting monthly goals is a crucial part of staying on track throughout the year so that you can achieve and create what you want in your life. Sharing my monthly goals is my way of staying accountable and inspiring you to do the same. Take the time to discover what you want to achieve, how… Read more »

{ Self-Care : How to Take Better Care of Yourself Every Day }

How to practice self-care on a daily basis

It’s easy to get caught up in our routine and endless to-do lists. Practicing self-care on a day-to-day basis should be a priority to avoid feeling tired, drained and run down. Find out the 8 ways you can practice self-care on a daily basis, some don’t even take any time at all!  Isn’t it funny… Read more »

{ 29 Things I Learned in the Last 29 Years }

29 Things I learned in the last 29 years

Today is my birthday! 29. Damn… it feels like a big number. But it also doesn’t feel that old. Growing older doesn’t scare me. Even though society has an obsession with youth and not aging, I’m learning to accept and embrace it (now I sound old haha). There’s beauty in accumulating gaining life experience as… Read more »

{ The Beauty of Imperfection : An Important Life Lesson }

The beauty of imperfection

Here’s the truth. The topics I write about are based on lessons that I’ve learned. But there are times that I share advice that even though I know theoretically,  I can’t seem to apply them to myself. This past year, I’ve had the biggest transformation of my life (and no, I’m not exaggerating that). I’ve… Read more »

{ How to Find the Perfect Christmas Gift for Everyone }

How to Find the Perfect Christmas Gift for Everyone

So….how’s your Christmas shopping going? (You can’t hear it but I’m saying that with a hint of sarcasm). Have you found gifts for everyone? My guess is that you haven’t and are probably feeling a little bit panicked because Christmas is fast approaching and there are probably a few people on your list that you… Read more »

{ How to be More Productive & Slay your Goals }

How to be More Productive and Slay your Goals

If you’re anything like me, I always have a million goals that I want to accomplish. From cooking dinner, having a clean and tidy home, building a successful blog, reaching health and fitness goals, to balancing all of THOSE, with spending time with family, friends and hubby. Oh, and also practice self-care on weekly if… Read more »

{ Monthly Goals and Why Self-Care is so Important | NOVEMBER }

Monthly Goals and Why Self-Care is so Important

I know that it’s cliche to say this but where the heck is time going?! We’re already in November (my birthday month, woohoo!!) and I feel like Christmas was just a few months ago! I hear older generations talk a lot about how time seems to go by faster as they grow older and I… Read more »

{ How to Get Through a Bad Day }

How to Get Through a Bad Day

It seems like lately, I’ve been having lots of bad days. Before you run away, don’t worry, I’m in a better mood now so you don’t run the risk of being on the receiving end of nasty looks or comments from me (or maybe you will….keep on reading, if you dare…mu-hahaha). It happens to all… Read more »

{ 5 Habits of a Happy Person to Cultivate Right Now }

5 Habits of a Happy Person to Cultivate Right Now

If I told you that your habits can make you happy, would you be more disciplined with maintaining them? My guess is yes. The foundation of a healthy mind and body are positive habits that you practice on a daily basis. The more consistently you take better care of yourself, the easier it will be… Read more »

{ Monthly Goals | OCTOBER }

Monthly Goals October

I know we’re already one week into October, but here are my goals for the month. Better late than never, right? If you follow me on social media, you know that September was a rough month. There were lots of fun memories but when it comes down to it, it was an exhausting month. After… Read more »