Food { Chocolate Almond Energy Balls }

Since my vegan challenge, I’ve been drawn towards vegan recipes. This recipe for Nutella breakfast cookie dough had me at Nutella. Chocolate and hazelnut is hands down my favorite flavor combination. Ask my best friend, Alexandra: she used to bribe me with a Nutella sandwich to go over to her place after school. It worked almost… Read more »

Food { Chia Seed Breakfast Pudding }

My vegan health challenge for 22-days went so much better than anticipated. I learned new recipes, which I’m excited about, like this breakfast chia seed pudding, perfect for a hot summer morning. I was a bit hesitant to try this recipe because of what it looks like, but it’s delicious! I love finding easy, quick… Read more »

Food { 22-Day Revolution | Week 3 }

I did it: I was fully vegan for 22 days! It has been an interesting and eye-opening experience, and I’m so happy that I was able to do it fully. I was able to learn a lot about my previous eating habits as well as what my body tolerates less. The overall experience has been… Read more »

Food { 22-Day Revolution | Week 2 }

Somehow the second week on the 22-Day Revolution vegan diet was harder than the first. The first week was about adapting and learning, while the second week was more about sticking through it, regardless of whatever I was craving. I had a few moments of frustration for not being able to order what I wanted… Read more »

Food { 22-Day Revolution | Week 1 }

My first week on the 22-Day Revolution diet has been interesting, to say the least. Overall, I am already happy with how things are going! So far, here are a few observations: { Hunger } The first 2-3 days were the hardest. I found that I was often hungry and had a headache, even though… Read more »

Food { 22-Day Revolution }

Over the past year, I’ve seen firsthand the benefits of leading a healthier lifestyle. But I find that I am still having some digestion issues, and I am not losing weight as much as I should be, considering how much I workout and how careful I’ve been with my eating habits. When new health trends… Read more »