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{ The Body Love Approach on Being Well and Being Happy }

The Body Love Approach on Being Well and Being Happy

Have you ever had an Ah-a moment while reading a book? Like the book was written for you? And the words are EXACTLY what you need to hear in that EXACT moment? Well, that’s how I feel about “Body Love” by Kelly Leveque. It was a revelation when I read it. Every time I turned… Read more »

{ What you Need to Know about The Body Reset Diet }

The Body Reset Diet

For those of you that have been following Elle is for Love will probably be wondering…why a diet? I talk a lot about loving and accepting yourself, being confidant, but also finding a balanced and healthy lifestyle that works for YOU! So it would only make sense that I strive to do the same in… Read more »

{ How to Curb Sweet Cravings }

How to Curb Sweet Cravings

If you follow me along on Instagram or have seen any of my ‘Life Lately’ posts, it’s quite clear that I have a sweet tooth. Even though I’m trying to be conscious of the words that I use to define myself so that I’m not putting myself in categories (read more about that here) realistically,… Read more »

{ 5 Tips on Creating a Sanctuary at Home }

5 Tips on Creating a Sanctuary at Home-page-001

After a long day at work, there’s nothing quite like coming home to a comfortable and inviting space that feels like a sanctuary. When I step through the doors, I literally let out a breath because it feels so nice to be in an environment where I feel happy and at ease, both physically and… Read more »

{ How Gratitude can Change Your Perspective }

How Gratitude Can Change Your Perspective-page-001

Two weeks ago, I found myself at the gym, laughing so hard (at myself) that I had tears streaming down my face. For once, it wasn’t because I bumped my forehead with a free weight (yes, that does happen to me sometimes. Don’t judge.). It was because I was in awe at … wait for… Read more »

{ Review | The Five Minute Journal }

Review of The Five Minute Journal

You hear a lot about how important it is to have a morning and evening routine. The evening routine, I get it: you have to slow down from your day to calm down to go to bed. Duh. But for a long time, my morning routine consisted of dragging myself out of bed, having a… Read more »

{ Celebrating the Victories }

Celebrating the Victories

April 1st marked my 3-month timeline to reach a certain health goal. Although I didn’t quite reach it in terms of the numbers, I surpassed my goals in other ways and I think that still deserves to be celebrated! Celebrating the victories is an important step in personal growth because you need to foster a… Read more »

{ Meal Prep for Beginners }

Meal Prep for Beginners

Life gets so busy that it can be hard to eat healthy during the week. It’s so easy to pick-up breakfast on the way to work, or takeout dinner on the way home. I decided a long time ago that I didn’t want to do that, and since those haven’t been an option, I had… Read more »

{ Creating a Minimalist Lifestyle }

Creating a Minimalist Lifestyle-page-001

Do you find yourself looking around in your home and wonder how you accumulated so much STUFF? That’s how I felt when I moved in the past couple of years. Since then, I vowed to consistently downsize the amount of things that I own. I became even more inspired after recently watching the ‘Minimalism’ documentary that… Read more »

{ Being Okay with not Being Okay }

Being Okay with not being okay

Are there days where you wake up in a bad mood without having an actual reason? Or sometimes during your way, your mood suddenly shifts and you’re just cranky, but you’re not sure why? Well, there could be many reasons that you’re not in a good mood without being conscious of it. So how do… Read more »