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{ Powerful Lessons from 2017 : A Year of Growth }

Powerful Lessons from 2017 _ A Year of Growth

Life is full of powerful lessons and growth…if we choose to see it that way. This year was by far the hardest one yet, but not for the reasons you might think. Here are a few powerful lessons that I learned in 2017 and how it’s been a year of growth. Truth be told, I struggled… Read more »

{ Monthly Goals and Practicing Self-Love | DECEMBER }

Monthly Goals and Practicing Self-Love

Setting monthly goals is a crucial part of staying on track throughout the year so that you can achieve and create what you want in your life. Sharing my monthly goals is my way of staying accountable and inspiring you to do the same. Take the time to discover what you want to achieve, how… Read more »

{ The Beauty of Imperfection : An Important Life Lesson }

The beauty of imperfection

Here’s the truth. The topics I write about are based on lessons that I’ve learned. But there are times that I share advice that even though I know theoretically,  I can’t seem to apply them to myself. This past year, I’ve had the biggest transformation of my life (and no, I’m not exaggerating that). I’ve… Read more »

{ Monthly Goals and Why Self-Care is so Important | NOVEMBER }

Monthly Goals and Why Self-Care is so Important

I know that it’s cliche to say this but where the heck is time going?! We’re already in November (my birthday month, woohoo!!) and I feel like Christmas was just a few months ago! I hear older generations talk a lot about how time seems to go by faster as they grow older and I… Read more »

{ Monthly Goals | OCTOBER }

Monthly Goals October

I know we’re already one week into October, but here are my goals for the month. Better late than never, right? If you follow me on social media, you know that September was a rough month. There were lots of fun memories but when it comes down to it, it was an exhausting month. After… Read more »

{ Monthly Goals | SEPTEMBER }

Self-Love - Personal Development - September Goals - Preview

Oh goodness, it has taken me longer than usual to sit down and write this blogpost! I think I recently got a little bit overwhelmed with my goals because we’re already September and I’m wondering if I’ll be able to reach all my goals this year. But then I decided (just now) to change my… Read more »

{ How to Set Goals in 5 Easy Steps }

How to Set Goals in 5 Easy Steps

I’ve talked before about the importance of setting goals and it seemed to have resonated with a lot of you, which makes me so happy! I’ve been setting goals for years now and I can’t imagine not going through the process on a yearly, monthly and weekly basis. It helps me stay focused and on… Read more »

{ Monthly Goals | AUGUST }

August goals

As a blogger, you always wonder whether anyone is reading your blogposts in full. You wake up with an idea that you think is great, but then it might not be as interesting to your readers as you think. You put love and effort into it, hoping that it will reach at least a handful… Read more »

{ 4 Reasons Why you Should Set Goals }

4 Reasons Why you Should Set Goals-Preview

In case you haven’t noticed yet from my previous blogposts (here and here) and some of my Instagram posts, I’m big on goal-setting. My hubby got me into this habit a few years ago and it has become a part of my routine. I set goals at the beginning of the year and to make sure… Read more »

{ Monthly Goals | JULY }

Monthly Goals July

Another month and another set of goals! How was your month of June? Anything exciting happen? As I’m writing this blogpost, I realized that I haven’t looked at my 2017 goals in a while, which I probably should to make sure that my monthly goals are aligned and that I am working towards reaching my… Read more »