{ 5 Tips on Creating a Sanctuary at Home }

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After a long day at work, there’s nothing quite like coming home to a comfortable and inviting space that feels like a sanctuary. When I step through the doors, I literally let out a breath because it feels so nice to be in an environment where I feel happy and at ease, both physically and mentally. Creating a home that feels like a safe haven is important for so many reasons, and it doesn’t require that much!

After living in three difference places in the last few years and then finally moving into my hubby’s condo after we got married last August, I never truly understood the importance of building a sanctuary at home where you feel at ease and where you are able to have the mental space to breathe. I learned that even little changes and small investments make a big difference in how you feel. I truly believe that your physical environment directly reflects what’s going on inside your mind. The more calm, inviting and inspiring the physical space, the better you will feel.

5 Tips on Creating a Sanctuary at Home

{ Each of these pieces have a special meaning – I collect teacups when I travel; my hubby buys me a glass heart whenever he travels; the green egg is a gift from my mom from her collection of decorative glass eggs }

When I moved in with my hubby, I had to create my own space within a home where he had created for himself for a few years. I’m lucky that he has been amazing at clearing space for me and making sure that I am able to add my touch here and there. I’ve been slowly adding the Seppy-touch and still working on it! When I come home, I feel happy to be in OUR home but also feel comfortable, safe and inspired in the space that we have. You can do the same thing in your own home to create a beautiful space where you feel happy and at peace. Here are my 5 tips on creating a sanctuary at home so that you have the space to recharge and be inspired to live your best life!

{ Invest in Comfort }
Whether it’s your house clothes or pyjamas, your bed sheets, throw blankets or candles, make thoughtful purchases on items that you will use and will make you feel comfortable. For example, I love cuddling on the couch with a soft blanket, or sitting at my desk working on my blog with a cozy robe. So I made sure to buy a throw that I loved and a robe that makes me so excited to crawl into after a shower. I would usually use old clothes as loungewear but I learned the value of getting something that fits all your requirements. Invest in soft bedsheets, a cozy throw that you can use while sitting on the couch and reading on a Saturday afternoon, comfortable house shoes, comfortable house clothes that don’t make you feel like a slob! These little things go a long way in making you physically more comfortable in your space. You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars either. You just need to decide what you’ll make good use of and invest in that to start with!

{ Become a Curator and Not a Hoarder }
This is an important one because as someone who is trying to de-clutter our home, I also want to gather decorative items that make our space more beautiful. But I am very conscious of what I am buying. If an item doesn’t spark inspiration and excitement in me (which sounds lame but seriously, I have to VERY excited about something to actually buy it – I think about it for weeks before taking the plunge) then I won’t even bother buying it! Be a curator – pick and choose the stuff you bring into your home. Think about the type of space you like, get inspired on Pinterest, and then look for pieces that really excite you and inspire you and wont clutter your space and mind.

{ Have Designated Areas }
Having different areas for designated activities such as eating, working, sleeping, hanging out, might seem ridiculous but is also very important so that you feel like you are stepping into your own little sanctuary. I shared an apartment with roommates for 4 years and I would spend most of my time in my bedroom. I made sure to just work at my desk, and read and relax in bed, and I even had a little corner where I would do my yoga or meditate. Creating a separation, even though it was all in one area, made it feel like when I was in to that area, I would just focus on one activity. This helped me create healthy habits like meditating and doing yoga before bed because I had designated spaces specifically set up for those activities and I knew I could retreat to my floor pillow and candle to take a few moments to myself.

{ De-Clutter Regularly }
After moving so many times, I realized how easy it is to accumulate random crap, especially when you live somewhere for a while. This is something that I want to avoid from happening again so that I make sure that my home is a haven and not a burden because of all the clutter. This point goes hand in hand with becoming a curator – clear your space for things that are worthwhile and get rid of anything that feels uninspiring or that you don’t make use of. I’m constantly in a de-clutter mode with the mindset that I want to streamline what I own. I want to make sure that everything I own, I make use of or that I enjoy. What’s the point of keeping something if it’s sitting in a drawer or closet collecting dust? Having too much stuff feels likes a burden and every time I go through my things and get rid of a few items, I feel lighter and so much better because then I know that I am left with things that I adore and I know I will use. This also allows for my physical space to be more clear so that I can focus on the things that matter!

{ Put Away Your Stuff Immediately }
A simple tip that goes a long way to help you create a sanctuary at home, especially in the short term. I learned this after sharing a bedroom with my sister until I was 20 years old. I’m so grateful to have that experience because it heightened my awareness of respecting a common space and being aware of someone else’s needs. Because the bedroom was small for two people and we wanted to respect each other, we made sure to always put away anything that we used, whether it was our clothes or things on our desk. This is a habit that I love because my space is always tidy. I get home and things aren’t all over the place and if I need something, I know where everything is!

What are some things in your space that make you feel like you’re at home? Make sure to share your thoughts below or share images and inspiration with me through social media!

5 Tips on Creating a Sanctuary at Home

{ The Lego Eiffel tour was a little surprise from my hubby on our wedding day – he even made the bouquet white and pink to match my real bouquet! #GottaLoveHim }


5 Tips on Creating a Sanctuary at Home

{ I love the daily reminder to dream BIG ! }

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Great tips! I also think that simplifying your life in such a way that you can get to the end of a list of things to do at home is essential to being able to just relax and enjoy!


Unless you have so much you can build a fort and inside it is your sanctuary? 😉


Absolutely loved this post. I also think decluttering is essential – so is bringing in some elements that have personaliy and make your home feel like home. oh, and candles. lots of candles!!

love, kerstin


Thank you so much Kerstin! I’m glad you enjoyed it.

I agree that curating and bringing in items that are special and you know you will enjoy for a long is great – it’s all about balance!

And YES to candles!!! Many MANY candles 😛


Loved this post! So many useful tips, especially about de-cluttering and not being a hoarder, I really need to learn from that as my desk+bedroom feel too congested with items sometimes. Can’t help but buy all the cute items I see, but I’m slowly learning to not do it so frequently.

Love, Akshita


Thanks sweetie! Take time every day or every week to slowly de-clutter and you’ll notice a big difference in the long run! It helps clear your mind 🙂

Jennifer Snuffleupagus

So true. I’m constantly trying out new homes, but so much more at rest when I petsit in a home that feels like this.

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