{ The Best Sports Bra for Support }

the best sports bra for support

Having enough support in your life is really important. And I don’t mean a supportive group of friends. I mean support at its most basics: your sports bra!

As a ‘well-endowed’ woman, it took me a long time to find a sports bra that offered enough support. I was SO excited to discover these Victoria Secret’s Knockout Front-Close Sports Bras after my sister’s recommendation, because not only are they pretty (because let’s face it, it’s nice to wear pretty things, even though it might not be visible to anyone but yourself!), but they are also PERFECT for support. I can jump, run, flip upside down and the ladies will stay in place and it won’t hurt! And it’s not in an uncomfortable-I-can’t-breathe type of support – the girls are comfortable, well-supported, and I look cute in it (I least I like to think so).

I can’t rave enough about these bras. The fabric is also sturdy, and the fabrics are really fun. I try to snatch one whenever there’s a sale happening so I always have one spare in the back of my drawer, just in case..

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I use to wear a regular bra under a sports bra, and it didn’t provide enough support. This sports bra is a bra within a sports bra which is why I think that there’s enough support. You don’t realize how important it is to take care of your body until something starts to hurt, chronically. Although I’ve been lucky that my chest hasn’t given me back issues, I have friends that have recently developed back pain, and although these bras aren’t the most affordable that you can find, I think it was important for me to invest in my health and well-being and get something that provides adequate support to maintain my overall body health and not create long-term issues!

What are your favourite sports bras? Are there any fun brands of sports clothing that you would recommend I should try? Share your comments in the comments below or share the love through social media, @SeppyforLove!

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