{ The Body Love Approach on Being Well and Being Happy }

The Body Love Approach on Being Well and Being Happy

Have you ever had an Ah-a moment while reading a book? Like the book was written for you? And the words are EXACTLY what you need to hear in that EXACT moment? Well, that’s how I feel about “Body Love” by Kelly Leveque. It was a revelation when I read it. Every time I turned the page I learned something new, realized something about my habits or connected with what Kelly was saying about self-love and taking care of your body.

{ My story }

For those of you who don’t know, I’ve been on what I like to call a ‘health and wellness journey’. Yes, part of it is weight loss, but my main objective is to create a healthy and balanced lifestyle, while also having fitness goals. But in July, after a little bit too much indulgence, I gained a bit of weight back and I felt really discouraged. I came home from the gym and had a crying session for 45 minutes (thank goodness for a patient and supportive hubby…).

{ What came next }

It was a wakeup call that I haven’t quite figured out what a healthy and balanced lifestyle meant. More importantly, it was a reminder that I still haven’t accepted my body and am always looking towards my fitness goals without appreciating the process and accepting myself now.

The next day, we were off for a weekend getaway to Niagara Falls. I took the first driving shift and I wanted to listen to a podcast. As it happens, “The School of Greatness” had a podcast with Kelly Leveque. I had vaguely heard her name here and there, but hadn’t paid much attention to it. The title of the podcast caught my attention so I decided to listen to it, and let me tell you, I loved every second of it. At the end of the podcast, I knew I needed to immediately get my hands on her book for the ride back. It was so good that I managed to finish the book on the drive back.

{ What “Body Love” talks about }

What I appreciate most about this book is that it promotes BODY LOVE – learning how to take care of your body, listening to your body, but most importantly, loving your body and giving it what it needs. She talks about the science behind how to keep your cravings away so that your body feel satisfied after a meal. These are all things that I’ve been trying to do, but without having all the tools and information on HOW to do that. This book taught me the how and and I’m SO excited to start implementing what I learned.

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I also love that she gives flexible guidelines that help me figure out my meals and it has become less stressful. She talks a lot about finding the formula that works for you so that you feel satisfied with the foods you’re eating rather than feeling deprived.

I found that I always thinking about the exact amount and measurements and calories of each meal and snack I was having and it became exhausting and stressful and not sustainable. I want a sustainable and healthy lifestyle. I also want to appreciate and enjoy food. And I also want some leeway if there’s a party or we’re going to a fun restaurant. And I feel like the framework that Kelly offers gives me just that – guidelines that are flexible enough that I can bring with me anywhere I am so that I can make smart choices, but it also allows me to be able to splurge here and there without being stressed out or feeling guilty about it.

{ What now? }

When we came back from our trip, I wanted to cleanse my body so I did the Body Reset Diet (you can read more about that adventure here). And since then, I’ve been on my Body Love journey! I’ve been using her ‘formula’ (a combination of protein, fiber, fat and greens) for my breakfast smoothies and my lunch and dinner. The transition has been relatively easy considering I did the Body Reset Diet where I was having 3 smoothies per day for 5 days, and then 2 smoothies per day for another 5 days. I’m still learning how to adapt some of the recipes that I used to make to make sure that it falls under the guidelines, but overall, I feel like my stress and anxiety when it comes to food has reduced dramatically.

And that’s what I wanted: to create a healthy and balanced approach to eating. Because life is too short to constantly worry about your eating habits, get rid of the food drama! I want a healthy lifestyle where I know I’m feeding my body the right nutrients to maximize my health and energy levels, while also being able to enjoy life and food!

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Have you heard about the Body Love book? If so, what do you think about it? What are some ways that you practice body self-love?

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It’s hard to detach oneself from societal impositions. And it’s in the benefit of beauty, diet, and fashion companies to make us feel insecure so that they can cash in on it. Good on you for breaking through and stepping away from it and aiming instead for a healthy lifestyle!


It’s very hard indeed to be immune to society’s definition of beauty and norms of what your body should and shouldn’t look like. I’m happy to have made such progress lately but it’s always a work in progress! Thank you for the encouraging words though!! I appreciate the support!

Angelica 55

Congrats on your progress so far! I lost 30 lbs two years ago and it was tough. Counting calories, restricting yourself etc. I’ve learned that you have to happy with you are as a person before accepting the outside. great article.


Thank you so much Angelica!!!!! 30 lbs – that’s amazing!!!!! And yes, once you start loving yourself, it’s a game changer and the process becomes easier!


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