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Since my vegan challenge, I’ve been drawn towards vegan recipes. This recipe for Nutella breakfast cookie dough had me at Nutella. Chocolate and hazelnut is hands down my favorite flavor combination. Ask my best friend, Alexandra: she used to bribe me with a Nutella sandwich to go over to her place after school. It worked almost every single time.

I’ve been looking for a snack to make to eat while commuting back home for a boost of energy before my evening workouts. This seemed like the perfect solution! I’m realizing more and more how important it is to cook your own food at home, whether it’s breakfast, lunch or snacks. Not only do you save money but you also know exactly what you’re eating. There are times that it’s easier to buy pre-made to have food at home as back up, but I’m going to try and make my own snacks and meals even more than before because I’ve seen the benefits of eating healthier.

When it came to buying the ingredients for this recipe, I realized that hazelnuts are really hard to find nowadays, because apparently the crops have been ravaged. #Fail. Instead of Nutella, I used a Deliciously Ella’s recipe for healthy Nutella, but replaced hazelnuts with almonds, which is why I ended up with chocolate almond energy balls instead. It’s still very tasty, but I think the hazelnut would be a 100 times better. In the energy balls, I used ground flaxseed instead of protein powder, and accidentally bought wheat bran instead of oat bran…oups.

These chocolate almond energy balls turned out amazing. They’re very easy to make, a lot less expensive and healthier than buying protein or energy bars, and such an easy snack before or after a workout, or even in the afternoon as a pick-me-up!

What are some of your go-to snacks? Make sure to share ideas and recipes in the comments below! Or if you try this recipe, make sure to tag me @SeppyforLove!

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Hmmm… I want one now .. Going to have to make some right now ! I will try to keep it simple and follow the recipe … But for some reason I want to add in some hemp seeds and/or chia seeds. That’s my issue – I can’t keep things simple !! I will let you know how they turn out !! Xo BK


haha I love that! I’m totally the same!! That’s the fun thing about cooking though, you can be creative and change the recipe however you wish!! Let me know how it works out and what you added so that I can try it next time too!

Lauren at adorn la femme

Anything vegan is just the thing I love! So hard to be vegan 100%, I keep flipping back and forth between this and being a vegetarian! Sometimes life gets in the way! xo


adorn la femme


Being vegan is quite hard! I think it’s all about trying your best and finding the best balance that works with your lifestyle!


I really liked how basic and healthy this recipe was too and I’ve really been enjoying them as a pre-workout snack! Let me know if you get to try them and what you thought! Thanks for visiting and commenting!


These look utterly delicious! They seem like the perfect snack for when blogging or watching a film – and the perfect healthy alternative to chowing down a bar of chocolate (guilty!) haha 🙂

Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice


hahaha I love it, we’ve all been guilty of that, it’s okay! As long as it’s not every night!! And these are a GREAT snack! I’ve been having them before my workouts and I love it! Let me know if you try the recipe!


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