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Do you find yourself looking around in your home and wonder how you accumulated so much STUFF? That’s how I felt when I moved in the past couple of years. Since then, I vowed to consistently downsize the amount of things that I own. I became even more inspired after recently watching the ‘Minimalism’ documentary that showed how so many individuals found a sense of calm and happiness after downsizing and letting go of most of their material possessions. Although I don’t think I would ever have a minimalist lifestyle to the extent of living in a 500 square foot home (but props to whoever is able to!), it still motivated me to continue downsizing.

Being on this ‘purge mode’ has been incredibly satisfying. I’ve gotten rid of extra stuff that feel like clutter that I don’t use often and are just clogging my space and my mind. It might sound drastic but honestly, there’s something so satisfying and therapeutic about getting rid of things that I haven’t used in a while. Being able to have a space that’s de-cluttered and sticking with things that I use regularly has really been helping me clear my mental space.

Here are a few ways you can incorporate a minimalist lifestyle in your life:

Think twice before buying something } Ask yourself, do I really need this or do I just want it? Will it add clutter to my home? Will it give me short-term or long-term happiness? It’s okay to treat yourself once in a while to something that you really want for your home or your wardrobe, as long as you’re conscious of what you are bringing into your home and that you’re honest about the reason why you are buying it in the first place (a need vs. a want).

De-clutter }

Be conscious of the items in your kitchen, bathroom, vanity, living room – if you realize that there’s something that you don’t like anymore or that you don’t use, get rid of it! We usually have an on-going donation box and add items to it regularly. Be aware of the stuff that you have and you’ll realize you don’t use everything as often as you’d like, so maybe you can live without it!

Set a bigger goal } 

Instead of spending money on shopping, set yourself a goal like a trip you’d like to take, or treating yourself to spa day, or splurging on ONE expensive purse instead of having 10 cheap looking ones. This way, when you’re out shopping, you’ll think twice about buying something instead of putting the money towards your big goal.

Reward yourself the right way } 

Build your ability to reward yourself with loving self-talk and encouraging words rather than retail therapy. I noticed that it’s easy to get into the habit of buying myself something ‘to make myself feel better’ but when that wasn’t an option, I had to find other ways to treat myself after a long day at work or hitting a milestone with a goal. I’ll instead focus on feeling proud, take time for myself to do something I enjoy, and relish the feeling of success rather than relying on the feeling after buying something. I will even treat myself to a gym session to sweat it out! You don’t have to treat yourself by spending money, find alternatives because they will be more empowering and more enriching, and it wont add mental or physical clutter in your life!

Find an empowering meaning } 

This is related to the previous point – I realized that buying things also gave me the sense that I had control and power. By power I mean that I was able to buy something felt like it made me a stronger person. However, I realized that buying things I didn’t need and spending beyond my means was more stressful in the long-term so the short-term pleasure quickly dissipated at the end of the month. Rather than thinking that you are stronger and better for being able to buy something, tell yourself that having control over your material wants and prioritizing your emotional needs gives you more power because you are in control of your emotions, things wont affect how you feel, they just enhance your life. But your positive emotions from my inside, and no one can that away from you!

How do you make sure that you don’t accumulate too much clutter in your home? Is there anything that you don’t use that you could get rid of right now? I’d love to hear your thoughts on the minimalist trend or on how you de-clutter your home? Share with me through social media, @SeppyforLove, whether it’s on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook!

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I definitely agree and I struggle with it, but at least I think twice before buying something and thinking of the long-term use of it! It’s about making small changes according to your lifestyle and need.


This is so interesting! I am so sentimental with my belongings…not the cluttery stuff, but the gifts and birthday cards and stuff of that sort. I don’t know if I could ever downsize to the extent of a true minimalist, but I totally agree that decluttering cleanses the mind…I do this to my living space whenever I feel a bit overwhelmed. So interesting!



Thank you!! It’s SO easy to be attached to stuff because they bring back memories and that’s okay! What I’ve done with some things is to just take a picture of it!! I have to figure out a good solution for cards though… that’s a tough one.

I don’t think that realistically I’d ever downsize to be a true minimalist either, but at least we can try leading a minimalist lifestyle as much as we can!


When we’re in the states I do so much of my shopping online, and I end up buying all sorts of extra things we don’t really need. Since being in Bali where online shopping isn’t really an option, we accrue so much less “stuff”. It’s important to identify your triggers for buying (or hoarding) so you don’t have to purge so much later on 🙂 Saves money too!



It’s so easy to get caught up, I’m guilty of it too!!!! I think that online shopping is particularly dangerous because it’s easy to get caught up in the moment and not physically see how much you’re getting…

Identifying triggers – YES! What a good point!!!


The older I get the less “stuff” I want but that doesn’t stop me from rewarding myself with material things. I’m pretty sure it’s a learned behaviour because my mom does the same thing.



Why do you think that you want less ‘stuff’ as you get older? I think I’m the same – I prefer investing in one special piece rather than 10 so-so ones.


YEEEESSS! This is actually what I have been doing all day today. I gutted out two garbage bags full! And I completely reorganized my home. It makes me feel so organized and at ease when I don’t have random stuff cluttering up my space. Great post! (:


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