{ How to Curb Sweet Cravings }

How to Curb Sweet Cravings

If you follow me along on Instagram or have seen any of my ‘Life Lately’ posts, it’s quite clear that I have a sweet tooth. Even though I’m trying to be conscious of the words that I use to define myself so that I’m not putting myself in categories (read more about that here) realistically, I love a little treat after a meal. This is a habit that I want to change, but in the meantime, I’m finding ways to curb my sweet cravings while also slowly weaning myself off. I’ve tried going cold turkey and cutting out sugar altogether, and it worked for a little while. But I’m also being realistic with myself right now that I have too much on my plate (pun intended) to be too strict with myself and then fall off the wagon hard.

Do any of you have the same struggle? If yes, then continue reading with some tips of what has worked recently to curb my sweet cravings. These tips combined with mindful eating and I’m feeling more in control and proud of what I’m putting my body. I still have health and fitness goals that I want to reach by my birthday so I want to make sure that I stay on track while also enjoying life.

{ Ask yourself “Do I really want this?” }

This is always the first question you have to ask yourself when you’re trying to practice mindful eating. You’re trying to figure out if your body actually wants a dessert, or whether you want it as habit or for other emotional reasons. If you’re able to take a step back before reaching for that dessert without thinking, then most likely, you will begin to notice a pattern of WHY you want that treat. And then you can tackle the reason behind it (more on this to come soon!).

To be completely upfront with you, the challenge with this method is that it requires emotional energy. It’s a process that requires you to be aware of asking yourself that question, digging deep to figure out why you want that treat, and then overcoming it by NOT having the treat, even though you really want it. It’s a muscle and practice that I still struggle to implement.

This technique to curb your sweet cravings is definitely worthwhile and I encourage you to try and practice it even when you’re eating a meal for example so that you can be aware of when your stomach. Realistically, there are times where I forget to ask myself that question and will realize it only after having a cookie. And that’s okay. The more aware you are, the more chances are that you will be able to go through this process BEFORE the cookie. Until then, you can use the rest of the tips on curbing your sweet cravings.

{ Plan for a healthier treat }

Like I said before, I know that it isn’t the best habit to want a dessert after every meal, but it is what it is and I’m working on it slowly but surely. Until then, I’m finding alternative treats that satisfy my need for something sweet! For example, I take a small handful of hazelnuts and a tablespoon of dark chocolate chips to have after lunch when I’m at work. Or I’ll have one or two pieces of dark chocolate. When I’m at home, I’ve had one or two dates with a tablespoon of tahini, or one dark chocolate peanut butter cup from Trader Joe’s (do you a see a chocolate trend here?). In the winter, I’ll make a cup of hot chocolate with one cup of milk (usually soy or cashew milk) with unsweetened cocoa powder, a dash of vanilla extract and a bit of honey to sweeten it slightly.

Do a bit of research for your choice of treat to make sure that it’s not too unhealthy with the fat and sugar content (i.e. dark chocolate over milk chocolate) and more importantly, portion control. One square of dark chocolate or a small handful of raisins isn’t horrible in my opinion. I’d rather have that than a whole box of oreos. So pick a healthier treat and don’t feel guilty about it!

{ Don’t have junk food in the house }

This is a big one. I tend to want treats especially at night after dinner, if I’m sitting on the couch watching tv or just hanging out in my office, catching up on my blog work. But if there isn’t anything in the house, then what I’m going to have? Nothing! I’m way too lazy to get dressed and go to the grocery store down the street, so if there isn’t ice cream in the house, I’m just not going to have it. Instead, I’ve stocked my pantry with healthier alternatives like dates and raisins, hazelnuts, dark chocolate, tahini and hazelnut butter. That way if I really want a treat, I can resort to these healthier options.

{ Indulge sometimes }

Last week I was very mindful about what I ate, so this weekend, when we had a family brunch with croissant, pain au chocolat and lemon loaf galore, I didn’t feel bad eating it! And I’m learning that it’s OKAY. If I have a treat here and there, I’m not going to gain weight (I have an irrational fear that the minute I eat something ‘unhealthy’, I’m going to gain back the 20 lbs that I lost… *face palm*). Life is about balance and yes, I’m still learning what my balance is and it’s not always perfect, but guess what? No one is perfect and nothing will be exactly as you plan it every single time. But you live and you learn. That’s what matters the most – that you are constantly learning from the slip-ups and adjusting your lifestyle and learning to listen to your body so that you can reach a healthy and happy lifestyle where you are taking care of your physical and emotional health.

How do you curb your sweet cravings? What has worked and what hasn’t? Please share with the community so that we can learn from each other! 

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Love this post, Sepideh! I agree that finding healthier alternatives that are still *sweet* help A LOT. For me that is natural peanut butter (which I eat so much of haha), fruits, cacao powder (I love using it to make nice cream) and once in a while I like to make 3 ingredient pancakes and put some toppings on it.

And YES, it is always okay to indulge once in a while. I maintain a healthy diet, but if I’m out with friends or it’s a special occasion, I let myself enjoy for a little. Restricting yourself will only make you want it more!



Thank you Sheila! I’m glad you enjoyed it!

Those are all great suggestions and things that I do as well! I love my healthier pancakes on the weekends too!

Finding that balance is what I struggle with I think. Some weeks are better than others but with the summer, I have found that it has been hard not indulging as often as I usually do. But it’s okay, it’s a balance that I continue to strive to find!


I’m glad you liked them Emily!! A piece of fruit definitely helps but I have to resist reaching for something else first 😛


I have a sweet tooth as well. I find it so hard to stop eating sugary things or junk food. I honestly don’t think I can. It’s quite the addiction ahah! However, I’ve managed to size it down. I do the same things as you, I only have healthier options at home (raisins, various nuts…) and the occasional ice cream in summer x



It can be quite challenging to break those habits and I’m the first to tell you that I haven’t been successful at it all the time!!! I think having healthier options at home is a great start though 🙂


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