Food { 22-Day Revolution | Week 1 }

My first week on the 22-Day Revolution diet has been interesting, to say the least. Overall, I am already happy with how things are going! So far, here are a few observations:

{ Hunger }

The first 2-3 days were the hardest. I found that I was often hungry and had a headache, even though I drank enough water. It was also challenging to break the habit of having a morning and afternoon snack at work. Although my snacks are usually an apple or a banana oat bar, it was still interesting to notice that regardless of my hunger level, it has been a habit to just reach for a snack. I was able to curb the hunger with water, and otherwise a handful of nuts or a fruit. After the initial hurdle, it became easier to manage the hunger and I got used to the smaller portions of food. It’s something that I would like to maintain, because I’ve really loved not feeling heavy after all my meals.

{ Energy }

I had ups and downs for my level of energy. Keeping in mind that I have a very hectic schedule and that my sleep is rarely restful, I still find that with the 22-Revolution meal plan, I had more energy throughout the day. Most mornings, I was less sluggish, and my afternoon slumps haven’t been as bad! So my energy level has definitely been a lot better and I’m excited about that.

{ Food Preparation }

This was one of the hardest parts because it’s drastically different than how I usually plan things out. I usually prepare the food (breakfast and lunches) on the weekend to avoid spending much time in the kitchen during the week. But with this meal plan, I have had to organize a lot more and spend more time in the kitchen, especially in the evenings to prepare for dinner and the following day’s lunch.

To be perfectly honest, the food preparation required was a bit too much, and I ended up buying prepared vegan lunches, which made my life so much easier and took a bit of pressure off.

Even though the recipes aren’t very complicated, I still had to organize my grocery list and my meal plan for the week, which I ended up not following fully, but was still able to only eat vegan meals! I am lucky that people around me have been supportive, especially my boyfriend who also enjoys eating healthy and has been such a good sport about going to vegan restaurants when we have gone out and encouraging me to eat vegan.

{ Exercise }

I have not been able to exercise the recommended 6 times per week. I was only able to work out 3 times because I was so limited in time and needed to listen to my body and not over-exert myself. I am going to try and amp it up a bit for week 2, if time permits.

{ Other observations }

Some meals did not sit well with my stomach and I had indigestion a few times, which didn’t help with my sleep. However, I do feel ‘lighter’, and I don’t mean weight wise (although I have noticed a slight difference) but it just feels like my insides are running smoother! Hard to explain but it does feel like my body is working less hard to digest my food. I didn’t weigh myself like the book recommended, but I did take measurements of my body, but have not measured myself since the beginning. I thought I would see more of a difference in my body after the first week (the book mentioned that some people lost 3-5 lbs in the first week). Hopefully I still see a bigger difference by the end of the 22 days!

{ Conclusion }

So far, mostly positive outcomes. I am looking forward to seeing how I feel at the end of the 22-days and what I will decide to transition back to, because so far, although I love how I’m feeling, I don’t know if I will be able to or want to sustain a fully vegan lifestyle. To be continued I guess!

Have you ever tried going vegan? What have you learned? Any fun recipes that you can share? Make sure to share your comments below!

22 Day Revolution_3

{ Lean Green Juice | Kale, spinach, apples, lemon, dates, banana }

22 Day Revolution_4

{ Chia Pudding | Chia seeds, almond milk, cinnamon, vanilla extract, maple syrup, topped with blueberries, banana and pumpkin seeds }

22 Day Revolution_2

{ Raw Walnut Tacos | ‘Meat’ made with walnuts, cumin, coriander, balsamic vinegar, paprika, garlic powder, topped with guacamole and fresh tomatoes }

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