Food { 22-Day Revolution | Week 2 }

Somehow the second week on the 22-Day Revolution vegan diet was harder than the first. The first week was about adapting and learning, while the second week was more about sticking through it, regardless of whatever I was craving.

I had a few moments of frustration for not being able to order what I wanted (turns out that my black bean burger with avocado was actually pretty good!) and other even more frustrating moments where I feel as though I should’ve lost more weight but have not…it’s all part of the process I guess!

Here are a few more thoughts about the second week on the vegan diet:

{ Hunger }

I was definitely less hungry on the second week and have figured out a bit more the portions that I should be having. Although I am still not a 100% sure about all the details, I felt more satisfied with smaller portions. I had a lot of smoothies for breakfast, which I’m starting to get sick of, but gladly welcomed alternative options (see below for pictures!).

{ Energy }

I had a bit more energy this week. I haven’t been sleeping amazing every night, but even with that, I wasn’t as dead tired when Friday rolled around! And I didn’t sleep in as late over the weekend, which is great because I was able to get a lot more accomplished.

{ Food Preparation }

I was able to finally cook a meal that I was able to freeze for my lunches (although it didn’t taste amazing, it was definitely a lot easier than having to prepare lunches every evening). The smoothies for breakfast took more preparation than I anticipated, especially since I had to wash all the ingredients, cut them up and have them ready to add one at a time in the blender. My boyfriend found amazing vegan bars as a snack before my workouts, which helped tide me over until dinner.

{ Exercise }

I was not able to workout as much as I would have liked again. Although I did workout 3 times per week, I am still finding myself crunched for time with my full-time job, the blog, working, and all the food preparation…on top of all the other obligations that I have. Although it’s worth the time to eat healthy, I have to accept that some weeks are busier than others and that three workouts is better than none at all.

{ Other observations }

Although sitting at the burger restaurant, I was craving a huge burger, I am quite surprised how little I am craving meat. There have been moments where I just wanted to give up, but my boyfriend has been very patient and supportive, offering to go to vegan restaurants, which has made the process easier.

I am also slightly disappointed that I am not seeing a more drastic change in my body. Although I wasn’t able to weigh myself at the beginning of the challenge, I did take body measurements, and I look forward to seeing the changes. But I am disappointed that the difference that I see in the mirror is minimal. Which leads me to wonder if something else is going in my body that I am not understanding!

{ Conclusion }

The second week was harder, and I am already thinking about how I will transition back and what I will choose to cut back or let back into my diet. I am looking forward to not having to completely restrict everything that I eat because I find that it’s quite limiting, but so far, I am still happy with the experience because it is turning out to be more positive than anything else!

22 Day Revolution_1

{ Chia pudding with black chia seeds soaked in almond milk, with cinnamon, honey, topped with banana, blueberries and pumpkin seeds }

22 Day Revolution_2

{ 2 Asian pears, 1 apple and 1 cup of frozen blueberries }

22 Day Revolution_3

{ Orange, celery, carrots, lemon, raw ginger }


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Thank you darling!! I’m really happy I’ve stuck through it. I think if you plan it, it’s totally do-able!! And it has definitely helped with my digestion issues. Maybe try it out for one or two days to see how you like it and if it goes well do it longer?


Going on a vegan diet seems so tough, and that’s great that your boyfriend is supportive! I’m doing something similar, but I’m trying to eat only when hungry, and drink tons of water (so much easier than eating vegan). It’s actually worked really well for me, and I’ve dropped about 2-3 lbs in the past 2 weeks. And this is from no exercising too!

Angelina Is


It’s tough and it’s not…once you get a hang of it, it’s not so bad! It becomes like ‘second nature’ (although I’m not quite there yet..) but once you adjust to the idea of cooking without eat, and finding new recipes online, it’s actually quite fun! What I love is how I’m feeling – I feel so much lighter and as though my body is functioning better!

Sounds as though you found a good first step with what works for your body! 2-3 Lbs without working out is GREAT! I’m sure if you added on small workouts here and there you’d see even better results! Good for you!!!

Thanks for stopping by 🙂


Thank you!! The pictures of my breakfast were taken at around 6:30 in the morning, while I was still half asleep. I’m SO glad I’ve been able to stick through it!


Congrats on trying out veganism!! If you stick to it you will see the changes!


It has been such an interesting and eye-opening experience!! Although I don’t think I’ll maintain being fully vegan, I am definitely going to be majorly cutting down on my meat and dairy intake!! Thanks for the comment and encouragement!


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