{ The Key to Transform your Life }

The key to transform your life

A new year, new goals, new dreams. It’s been over a month since many of us set goals and resolutions. But the reality is that we don’t always follow through on the objectives that we set. I’m here to be that kick in the butt to remind you of your goals, and offer the key to achieve them so that you can live your best year. The key to transform your life is simpler than you realize…if you apply these tips!

Like most of you, I have many (many) goals that I’m excited about. Even though I can proudly say that I crossed off some goals in 2015, I want to have an even more incredible year. So let’s do this together, so that 2016 can be full of success stories.

I have read a lot of books and listened to many self-help programs. I am sharing the advice that I have applied to my own life and that gave the results that I was looking for. I really hope that you are able to take some of these and apply them to your own life, because achieving your goals is an amazing feeling.

{ Map it out }

So you have goals in mind, amazing! But how will you achieve them? You need a map to know how to get to your destination. To create the most effective plan, gather the information that you need: What are the steps that you need to take? How much time will it take? What are the tools, skills, knowledge that you need? When in your day/week will you work on your goals? How will you keep yourself accountable? Be as specific as possible, because building a clear step by step plan is important so that you know exactly what you need to be doing, every step of the way.

Tip: Look to the experts for the knowledge that you need. You might need to do some research at the beginning, but there’s a reason that they say that ‘knowledge is power’. Equipped with the right information, you will be able to set up an effective plan that will get you the results that you are looking for.

{ Small steps }

With that being said, don’t get overwhelmed. Keep in mind that some goals might take time and you wont see immediate results. Don’t get overwhelmed with the amount of work that might be required to achieve your goal. Focus on small steps. You can break it down by weekly goals so that it’s less overwhelming. For example, Week 1, figure out a plan that you will break down week by week. Week 2, focus on another step, and at the end of that week, assess, and then focus on the third week. These small steps will add up towards your ultimate end result.

Tip: Celebrate the small successes. If you were able to stick through your goals for the week, celebrate it! Being able to see the ‘small’ steps as something more, than you will be able to encourage yourself and create motivation to stick through the following steps, until you reach your ultimate goal.

{ Be Consistent }

To see results, you have to be consistent. Every small step will add up to your ultimate goal. Continuously work on it and every day, take a little step towards it, even if it’s changing your mindset, reading an article or not eating that muffin. Don’t under-estimate the value of those small steps. It might seem like a little step, but these add up, day by day. Be patient, because in the long-term, you WILL see results.

Tip: Put your goals somewhere that you can see them on a daily basis as a reminder of what you’re working towards. Make a vision board, or write them out in an inspiring or visually appealing way. I have a notebook that I leave on my desk, where I sit every day, so that I can review the goals and keep them in the back of my mind continuously.

{ Adjust }

Throughout your journey, you will have to adjust your plan, according to what is working, and what is not. Your plan should be viewed as constantly evolving. Try to continuously educate yourself so that throughout the process, you are learning more every day, and are able to adapt and make sure that your plan is effective.

Tip: Take time (ideally on a daily basis) to reflect on how your goals are progressing, and how you can adjust your plan.

{ Compelling motivation }

To stick through your goals, you have to find reasons that are compelling enough to motivate you through the times where you are not in the mood to do something, or push through some of the more uncomfortable steps that you don’t really feel like doing. Your motivation can be material, like rewarding yourself with a gift, or non-material, like focusing on how you will feel once you have finally achieved your goal. Whatever it is, make sure that the motivation is strong.

Tip: The same way that you should keep your goals somewhere that you can see them on a daily basis, do the same with your motivation. Cut out a picture of the purse that you will buy for yourself, or write down the emotions that you will feel once you have reached your goals. It’s also a good idea to share your goals with a close friend or family member, so that they can remind you of the outcome and encourage you throughout the process.

If you have any suggestions of how you stick through your goals, please make sure to share them, because you never know who’s reading your comment and who’s life you might impact positively!

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