{ 29 Things I Learned in the Last 29 Years }

29 Things I learned in the last 29 years

Today is my birthday! 29. Damn… it feels like a big number. But it also doesn’t feel that old.

Growing older doesn’t scare me. Even though society has an obsession with youth and not aging, I’m learning to accept and embrace it (now I sound old haha). There’s beauty in accumulating gaining life experience as the years go by because it means that (hopefully) you are growing as a person and every day, you are moving towards becoming the person that you were meant to be.

As every year passes by, I feel stronger in who I am as an individual, in my values and beliefs, and I am continuously discovering bits and pieces of myself that were shaped years ago when I was a little girl. I am digging out old memories and events that have shaped the person that I am today, and I embrace that because this has been my path in life and no one can take that away and no one can re-create it.

The lessons I have learned in life and that I share here with you are individual to me. They are the culmination of my experiences, moments and relationships that have shaped how I see the world today, how I react to situations and people, and who I am as a person. These experiences have shaped my beliefs, values and goals.

Embrace who you are. Because you are unique and you are beautiful as you are and your path has been exactly what it was meant to be because you were supposed to learn something from each of your experiences.

I love the idea of reflecting every year on what I learned because it’s a personal diary (that I’m sharing with the world…) but that I can look back on and maybe one day, share with my children. But until then, you can be my ‘children’ and listen to my wise, wise words.

Here are 29 things that I’ve learned in 29 years:

1) You know yourself the best – trust your instincts and your decisions

2) Take care of yourself, every. single. day. Make your mental, physical and emotional health a daily priority.

3) Chocolate is the answer, whatever the question is.

4) Your parents have the best advice.

5) Find a hobby you love and do it as often as you can.

6) Make time for physical activity. Find what you enjoy doing and do it consistently.

7) Don’t put too much pressure on yourself.

8) Life is meant to be enjoyed and not to be doing something all the time. Enjoy and appreciate down time.

9) Don’t spend money uselessly, try to be mindful about your spending habits.

10) … but it’s also okay to treat yo’self sometimes to things that are useless (keyword: sometimes).

11) Brinner* is the best sh*t ever (BReakfast for dINNER = BRINNER!).

12) Enjoy the quiet moments with your loved ones and make sure to consciously register them in your memory.

13) Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself and try something new. The worst that can happen is that you won’t like it!

14) There is no such thing as failure, only progress.

15) My husband is the best thing that has ever to me in my life.

16) Even though it might be hard, change can be good.

17) Practicing daily gratitude and mindfulness are life-changing habits that you should doing right now.

18) Travel as often as you can, even if it’s an hour from your city.

19) Find what feeds your soul and do more of it.

20) Cultivate healthy and supportive relationships.

21) Quality over quantity, in everything in life.

22) Make a conscious effort to be happy every day.

23) Never underestimate the power of love. Anything you do or say, if it’s done with love, then it will be okay.

24) Love your body, it carries you throughout your day while doing a million other functions at the same time.

25) Make-up and fashion are FUN – use it as a tool to enhance your inner and outer beauty

26) Live life fully. Repeat that to yourself constantly. Don’t waste one minute.

27) Laugh often, it’s the best therapy.

28) Music is the language of the soul – enjoy it every day.

29) Love yourself, because you are amazing as you are.

29 Things I learned in the last 29 years

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Kate @ Layered Indulgence

I love this list so much! So many important points on here to keep in mind <3 I hope you had the most wonderful birthday, love!

Molly - Wholehearted Woman

Hi Seppy! I’m so glad you’re embracing aging and getting older because we learned more each year as we get older, right? I love your list of things you learned! Totally agree with traveling and quality over quantity. Happy belated birthday! xx


You sound very wise for someone so young! I can barely remember turning 29, and while I’m sure it felt old, I really think that 30’s are the best decade. Although, pretty soon, I probably won’t be able to remember them either.


hahaha thanks Beth, I get that compliment a lot! I’m excited for my 30s tbh! My 20s have been amazing but a lot of change and personal growth so I’m hoping there will be more stability in my 30s haha

Allison Arnone

Happy birthday! I love looking back on the past year during my birthday (October) and of course, in December as the year comes to an end. It’s great to reflect on what you’ve learned/experienced and essentially grown from.

Marci Smith

I totally agree that chocolate is always the answer. I have a large variety of chocolates and chocolate flavored things.


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