{ 5 Benefits of Traveling }

5 Benefits of Traveling

From the time I could remember, I’m the happiest when I travel. Even though the airport, going through security, catching connections and overnight flights aren’t always the most pleasant, I still love every second of it. I try to get the window seat whenever I can because on the inside, I’m still a little girl, looking in awe out the window as we fly over the clouds and mountains and cities. One of my favourite things to do in the world is to be in my own little bubble when I’m on an airplane – listen to my favourite music, watch endless movies and tv-shows while snacking on popcorn.

I didn’t realize until I grew up that traveling is a luxury. I was lucky enough to travel a lot growing up, and even now, I’m so grateful that I get to travel as often as I do. I also didn’t realize that some people don’t even like traveling because they prefer staying in their comfort zone. And that’s okay. But I’m here to convince you to do everything you can to travel. Even if it’s a road trips to explore neighbouring cities and states, traveling is one the best gifts you can give yourself. So here are 5 benefits why traveling and the reasons why you should travel as much as you can:5 Benefits of Traveling

5 Benefits of Traveling 5 Benefits of Traveling 5 Benefits of Traveling { Exploring & discovering new places }

This is an obvious one but I couldn’t exclude it from the list. When you travel, even though you might have an itinerary of things you want to do and place you want to see, you will inevitably stumble upon unplanned places. When we were in Paris a year and a half ago, little did we know that there was a HUGE Christmas market happening all along the Champs-Elysees. It was completely unexpected and one of the highlights of the trip. A couple of weeks ago while in LA, we stumbled upon a farmer’s market while looking for a particular record shop and had the most amazing white peach ever. When you travel, you never know what you will end up seeing or experiencing, and that’s part of the magic and fun. Even walking down a street, you will discover new places that you can’t necessarily find online or see in documentaries.

{ Experiencing a new culture }

Another obvious benefit of traveling is that you learn about new social and cultural traditions that you might not learn in books. Experiencing a culture is very complex. It includes how people interact with each other, the energy of a city, nuances in the cooking, different lifestyles. For example, when we went to Portugal, we ate dinner at 7:30 PM, but restaurants were almost deserted. It was only at 9 PM that restaurants and terraces were PACKED with people. Because it gets cool after sundown, most restaurants had a basket of blankets for their patrons, so you could cozy up on a terrace, enjoy the atmosphere and not get cold! It’s fun to discover new ways of living.

5 Benefits of Traveling 5 Benefits of Traveling5 Benefits of Traveling

{ You learn about yourself }

As much as you can plan ahead, there are inevitably going to be unexpected changes while you travel. You are also most likely going to tired, especially if there’s a long trip involved or there’s a time difference. Your true character is going to come out when you are sleep deprived and potentially haven’t had access to proper food, a shower or a comfortable bed to sleep in. When you are thrown in an usual situation where you can’t communicate with your surroundings and you need help, or if you’re in a completely unfamiliar environment where even the scent of the air is different, your true nature comes out. You find out that you resilient (or not), resourceful, intuitive, patient (or not) etc. You learn so much about yourself. This is why they say that one of the best tests to a relationship is to travel together. Because when you travel, as magical as it is, you might also find yourself in the most uncomfortable and difficult situation of your life and then you find out who you truly are and how you react or handle something hard. Do you cope well under pressure? Are you able to stay level headed to find a solution to a problem? Are you able to communicate non-verbally? Are you able to stay in the present moment and take in subtleties of your environment? Are you able to enjoy different foods? Are you able to let go of your schedule and go with the flow? All these aspects of your character or personality will come out, trust me.

{ It puts your life in perspective }

Whenever you travel, it physically takes you out of you bubble and routine. You are constantly reminded that your little world is but a fragment of the world that we live in. There are millions of other people, families, companies, restaurants, lives that are living and happening while you are engrossed in your own life back at home. Travel bring me back to reality to recognize that my problems maybe aren’t as bad as I made them out to be. Maybe my little world isn’t as challenging as I thought it was. You realize how minuscule you are in comparison to the planet that we live on. When you are flying above the clouds and those houses and shopping malls appear as little ants thousands of feet below you, you can’t help but realize how small you actually are and it puts your life and problems in perspective.

5 Benefits of Traveling


{ Change of routine }

We all get caught up in our day-to-day routine: get up, eat, commute, work, coffee break, lunch break, gym, commute home, cook dinner, wash dishes, prepare bag for next day, brush teeth, go to sleep. Repeat. It is a relief to change the pace and do something completely different. To wake up and do something different every day while you are on vacation. To get up every morning and be unsure of what to expect that day. The change of routine is necessary to have time away from reality and life and be able to enjoy a different pace and activities. You begin to remember what it’s like to have a leisurely meal rather than sitting at your desk at work or sitting in front of the TV at home. Instead, you are sitting in a new environment, surrounded by a different culture and different people, experiencing a meal that you might not have the chance to have back in your home city, seeing new sites and taking in new experiences. The change of routine is rejuvenating, a breath of fresh air and injects new energy back into your heart.

I urge you to travel as much as as you can!! I know that traveling frequently might not be accessible to everyone all the time, but there are many ways to travel on a budget. Especially lately, I find that traveling has become a priority for me, which makes me re-think how I’m choosing to spend my money. Whatever you do and however you do it, traveling is traveling, and it is one of the best things you can give yourself, and it’s definitely a gift that I’m going to be giving myself a lot more in the near future!

What’s your favourite thing about traveling? What’s the next place you’d like to visit? I’d like for our next big trip to be somewhere in Europe. There are so many places that I want to see!

5 Benefits of Traveling 5 Benefits of Traveling

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Love this! My fiance and I were bit by the travel bug after living in England. Our next trip is Sri Lanka, but after that we’re thinking of planning a big trip to Japan. Beautiful list 🙂



The best part is that you can go on any trip and reap so many benefits, which is great both for people who are strapped for cash or trying to be more environmentally responsible!



At least we’re conscious that it’s a luxury and such a blessing! I’m so grateful I’m able to travel as much as I can and hopefully I can travel even more!! You’re on the travel bloggers that gives me serious travel lust… !!


#SORRYNOTSORRY! haha I feel you girl, traveling is the best. A few days after I’m back form a trip I’m already thinking about my next trip

Jess Pacheco https://www.learningfromstrangers.com

Couldn’t agree with you more!

Traveling is when my heart is happiest 🙂


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