Beauty { Top 5 High-End Products Worth Buying }

Whether it’s for fashion or beauty, it’s worth spending a bit more money for better quality, that will last longer and look better. I prefer having one or two amazing pieces, rather than 10 pieces that will fall apart within a few months. Spend a bit more on one purchase, and in the long-run, you don’t have to spend smaller amounts to replace something, which would accumulate to the same amount anyway.

The same goes for beauty: it’s better to invest in a few key items that usually require less product anyway, that are better quality, and that you will have fun using.

Here are my top 5 high-end products worth buying, because of the quality, the color pay-off, but also basic items to have in your beauty stash! These are products that I’ve purchased with time and I consider them as splurges. 

High-End-Makeup-1 High-End-Makeup-Urban-Decay-Flushed-Palette

{ Face | Urban Decay Flushed Palette }

Bronzer and blush add subtle color to your face and make you look livelier. This palette is great for the color payoff, the buttery texture, and the color choices. I’ve recommended this palette to a few people and they’ve loved it. And considering you get a bronzer, blush and highlighter, the price is reasonable!


{ Eyes | Lorac Pro }

Your eye makeup makes a difference in your overall look, even if you just apply an eyebrow highlight and a deeper crease color to define your eyes. Small touches go a long way, without having to overdo it or spend too much time on your eyes! One of my favorite palettes has been the Lorac Pro. A lot of beauty gurus and makeup artists swear by this palette, and for good reason: it’s buttery, the choice of colors is amazing, and the colors can easily be combined for a day or night look. If you are going to invest in one palette, this is the one that I would recommend!


{ Highlighter | Becca }

Highlighter is one of my favorite parts of my beauty routine. A good highlighter makes a huge difference. This Becca highlighter in Opal is my latest addition to the collection, and I was obsessed after the first time I used it. It’s very pigmented and buttery, so there isn’t any fallout when you apply it on your cheekbones, and it’s a beautiful champagne color that adds a beautiful glow to your face.


{ Concealer | NARS }

A good concealer makes a HUGE difference in your makeup look. It’s one of those products that you can use alone but will have a dramatic impact on your face, which is why it’s important to invest in one that’s easy to apply and blend, has good coverage, and will also help brighten your eye area! The NARS is a classic one because of its’ formula and coverage, and the applicator that makes it so easy to throw on in the morning.


{ Lips | Charlotte Tillbury }

I’ve been obsessed with this lip pencil since my boyfriend got it for me. It’s creamy, applies perfectly, and is an amazing day-to-day shade that goes with any makeup look and any outfit! I love this lipliner so much, and although it’s a bit pricey, I’ve made such good use of it. Apply some concealer, a bit of blush and this lipliner all over your lips, and you’re good to go!

What are you some high-end beauty products that you would recommend? How do you make sure to keep your makeup spending reasonable while investing in a few key items? Make sure to share your suggestions in the comments below, or tag in Twitter or Instagram posts @SeppyforLove!

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Thanks Rochelle! Glad you liked the review. Have you tried any of these products? Any recommendations of things I should try?


These are all great investments! I agree, it’s so much better to get a more expensive piece and use it for longer, than to get a ton of cheap ones. That being said, I still haven’t made the switch from drugstore makeup to department store makeup. I just don’t feel like I’d use it enough to justify it, and there are so many little tips and nuances you “should” know with makeup.

Also, I can’t help noticing, your boyfriend must have great taste! I feel like most guys I know wouldn’t even know what a lip pencil is haha.

Angelina Is | Bloglovin’


Thank you so much for your input Angelina! I agree that if you don’t use it every day, it’s not worth the expense. You can use the same logic for anything else you might purchase – it’s worth saving money a bit longer and getting something that will last longer!

And haha my boyfriend has great taste. I’m lucky he takes the time to observe, listen snd learn about things that interest me. He definitely makes a lot of efforts. I mean… Who goes out in the cold winter in NYC, walk for 15 minutes (while he was sick mind you) to get me Charlotte Tilbury make up – spoiled much?!


Glad I was able to give a few good suggestions!!! Lately, it’s really been the Becca highlighter – been using every day!!!!


Thanks Celyn!!!! I was so excited to finally get my hands on one – if you are able to, it’s definitely worth the price! One of my favorite palettes to use!


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