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The past four weeks have been quite busy. Then again, when am I not busy? (that would be never). Although there was a stretch of almost two weeks where I felt down and anxious a lot, I’m relieved that I was able to overcome that hump and get back into things and feel like myself again. I’m beginning to wonder if my anxiety and sleeping issues are also related to my hormones so that’s something I’m going to observe in the next few weeks to see if I can see a pattern!

Regardless of the little slump, I’ve kept busy in a good way – I had an interview for a new job prospect, my hubby got into a program to do his M.B.A. (congrats babe!) and we are slowly setting him up in his new office space, I spent a weekend at the cottage (and getting a sun stroke from sitting out in the sun for 3-hours without sunscreen, oups), my aunt was visiting from Cali, and I also got a haircut!! I haven’t had my hair this short in over 10 years so I was really nervous after I washed it for the first time, but I’m learning how to style it and I’m really loving it! I think I want to grow it out an inch or two but I’m loving this shorter length a lot better.

How have you guys been doing? What’s new and exciting in your corner of the world?

This series of blogposts feels like diary entries and to some extent, they are, because I’m sharing bits and pieces of my life and with you, more than what you will see on social media. I hope you enjoy these little snaps of my life lately. Make sure to share your social media handles below or connect with me via Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or Snapachat (@SeppyforLove), I try to answer every single person and I love connecting and talking to new friends!

{ Breathtaking view at the cottage! I love immersing myself in nature and just getting away from the city and breathing in fresh air. It’s so rejuvenating }

{ This guy… he shows me love in so many ways I could write a whole book on it (Volumes 1,2 and 3…and 4 and 5…) He is so patient and takes my outfit pictures…amongst the many other things that he does on a day to day basis. I’m one lucky girl… }

{ I *shrieked* when we passed by this ice cream shop that I’ve been wanting to go with my sister for over a year. They have about 30 different types of dipping chocolates and toppings..! White lavender, dark chocolate espresso, praline… I mean.. COME ON! #BestShitEver }

{ Loving my new hair!! This was taken on a really fun date with my hubby. Even though we were running errands and doing groceries, we make the most of it and have fun together. Lots of laughter, teasing, catching up on our day…it makes the small moments more special }

{ Yummy in my tummy!! We had dinner with my parents and went to a new Persian restaurant that we had never tried. This is one of my favourites, it’s sorta like a bake…white rice mixed with yogurt and Safran, with a layer of chicken in the middle and topped with barberries. Heaven. }

{ I was able to spend some quality time with this beauty when we went to the cottage. I’m really lucky that my cousins are my closest friends – it creates a unique and special bond. We went for a jog and then did some butt/ab work on the dock overlooking the water – such a perfect setting! }

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Thanks doll!!! Crossing my fingers for the interview 🙂 And yes, so busy in fact that I skipped the gym and napped for almost two hours this evening! #lifegoals


What a great time you’ve had–and lovely pictures to boot. Love the hair!


Thank you so much! 🙂 It’s also made me take more pictures of the day-to-day which serves as a nice visual diary for myself!


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