{ The Meaning of True Love in a Friendship }

The Meaning of True Love in a Friendship

I didn’t plan on writing this blogpost but I got inspired by something that happened last weekend and I really wanted to share it with you guys, so I hope that you enjoy this post about friendship. I’m lucky enough that some of my closest friends are my sisters and my cousins. But I’ve also been blessed with some amazing friends that feel like family. Lately, I’ve been more aware of how much true love there is in those friendships and I wanted to share how true love is demonstrated in friendships.

{ The background }

If you saw my September Goals blogpost, then you know I had a birthday dinner last Friday. Leading up to it, I was really nervous for a few reasons. First of all, I wasn’t sleeping all week, and I’m talking about tossing and turning all night, having nightmares, waking up at 3 A.M. and not being able to go back to sleep. Yes, it was a nightmare, literally.

Needless to say, by Friday, I was a zombie. I even moved my gym session to the weekend because I physically couldn’t do it (I rarely change a workout session). On top of that, I have a lot of things that I want to do before our trip to Mexico this weekend which has been overwhelming me a bit (maybe that’s my own fault for having an endless to-do list…what can I say, I’m over-achiever!).

Now the problem is that when I’m tired, my emotional management is less than optimal…to say the least. Ask my hubby – I’ll get upset for the smallest things, to the point where I feel ridiculous. But then I’m too tired to NOT be upset about it. Ugh.

I was also feeling nervous because I get really uncomfortable going to places I’ve never been to because I’m not very good with directions and I get scared about getting lost in a random neighbourhood and my phone dying and not being able to figure out a way back home. Irrational? Maybe. Probably. Okay, it is irrational. Don’t judge.

And it doesn’t stop there. I also get very uncomfortable in social settings, especially where I don’t know anyone there. I’m worried I’m going to say something stupid or that they won’t like me. Irrational? Less than the previous fear. But still a deep-rooted emotional reaction that I have. Thankfully, this has gotten better, but there’s still work to be done. I’m used to having what I like to call a ‘social safety blanket’ with me, whether that’s my sister, hubby, cousin or a close friend. I like to have a wing person so that I don’t end up being alone, feeling super awkward.

So combine the exhaustion, my endless to-do list that is cluttering my mind, and the social anxiety, I was on edge. But I still really wanted to go. Why? Because my friend (I’ll refer to her as ‘P’) means a lot to me. We work together and have become very close friends. Our days are mostly filled with laughter, singing random songs (and coming up with a choreography) but also sharing our thoughts and emotions about anything and everything. We support and help each other in whatever might be going on in our lives and it has been an incredible source of comfort and joy.

So, I got dressed, did my makeup, and braved the world. Sounds dramatic? I know. Just go with it.

{ What happened that evening }

I arrived at the restaurant 1 minute early and was the first one to be seated. Thank goodness for social media that kept me entertained until P got there and then the rest of the girls arrived. I was excited to finally meet all of them since P had told me so much about them, but I was also nervous – what if they don’t like me?! I joked with P that it’s like I’m her boyfriend and I’m nervous to meet her friends. HA!

In the end, I had an AMAZING evening. We laughed, talked, ate amazing food and stayed at the restaurant for over 3 hours. Most importantly, P was very happy and she had a great time. And now we’re getting to the crux of this blogpost – the meaning of true love in a friendship.

P and I are very similar in a lot of ways. She feels like a little sister to me and some of our struggles are the same so there is a deep understanding of each other. I can credit our strong friendship to mutual respect and understanding of each other’s strengths, weaknesses and values. This became even more apparent to me that evening. Even though it was HER birthday dinner, she sat beside me to make sure I felt comfortable, the whole evening she kept on checking up on me to make sure that I was okay and was having a nice time. She introduced me to each of her friends so I didn’t feel uncomfortable. She included me in conversations and gave me background information if I didn’t know what or who they were talking about.

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Not only was P aware of my insecurities and feelings of anxiety leading up to the dinner and did everything she could to make me feel comfortable, her FRIENDS did the same thing. They were welcoming and sweet with me, made me feel included in the group, asked me questions to get to know me and were just absolutely lovely.

But I think what stood out the most was this: I don’t drink alcohol and P knows this. I had ordered a virgin mojito before the group arrived and she joked that the group didn’t need to know that it was a non-alcoholic drink, just in case I felt uncomfortable that I would be the only one not drinking (for the record, even though it’s a personal decision not to drink, it can be hard to be the only one not drinking and I used to have a harder time with it. I still struggle with this at times, but it has gotten easier with time). Needless to say, P was aware of that insecurity and she was considerate of my feelings.

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It eventually came up that I don’t drink and I didn’t hide it from the girls. They simply asked me questions to understand why, and I explained it to them briefly.

{ The meaning of true love in a friendship }

And now we get to the good part. One of the girls knew the waiter working at the restaurant and he brought a few rounds of shots for the table. But then as he gave me a shot glass, I politely declined, but he insisted that I took and explained: “It’s non-alcoholic!”. One of the girls had told the waiter that I don’t drink, so they made me a non-alcoholic shot (which was freshly juiced ginger, sweetened a little, with some cayenne! YUM!).

Words aren’t enough to explain how touched I was. For P’s friend to be that considerate of me… I mean .. I’m still speechless. Some of you might not understand why it’s such a big deal but imagine that you are always the odd one out. Yes, it’s my choice not to drink, but it’s still tough to be the only one not participating in something social. The fact that P’s friend was considerate and thoughtful enough to make sure that I felt included made me feel SO loved and welcomed, it’s hard to put it in words.

This gives you a small glimpse into the friendship that I have with P and a few other of my close friends: even though we are not the same, there is a respect of each other’s values and needs and choices and decisions. There is no judgment and no peer pressure in making me feel like I need to change who I am or the decisions that I make. There is simple acceptance and love for who I am. To me, that is the true meaning of love in a friendship: accepting one another, without judgment or expectations.

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Thank you, P (and to my other close friends – I hope you know who you are!) and the lovely ladies for an amazing evening but also for making me realize an important life lesson of the true meaning of friendship.

Think about a few of your closest friends – What makes it a close relationship? Share your thoughts in the section below!

The meaning of true love in a friendship

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Lovely story! I’m glad you had such a good time! And you probably left the waiter a tip to remember 😂

Krista @ Reroute Lifestyle

OH MY GOD, I love this and I’m sharing it with my closest friends. Two of my girlfriends are so different from me, and yet when we get together we are like the true meaning of soul sisters.

That is SO SWEET they’d already told the waiter you don’t drink – and then they made a non-alcoholic drink so you could still be a part!

SUCH a cute story girl. Thanks for sharing. Pls post pictures of your trip to Mexico so I can live vicariously through you.



Your comment made me smile Krista!! I’m happy for you that you have friends like that, it makes a world of difference and it’s so important to have that kind of support in your life <3 Let me know what your friends think of the story!! I'm so happy you enjoyed it!!

And I've been taking footage of the trip so I'm curious to see how it turns out and whether Ill be able to make a decent Vlog with it haha

Thanks for the support sweetie!!! XO


I’m so glad you went and had a good time! Sometimes forcing yourself to leave the house is all you need to snap out of that funk. Happens to me all the time!


Thanks Courtney! I’m happy I went too, and you’re totally right! There are times that I know that I have to force myself out of the house but that I won’t regret. It’s a great feeling when you come back home and you’re so happy that you went despite your mood haha


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