{ How to Have the Most Memorable Wedding Day }

How to Have the Most Memorable Wedding Day

Our wedding was one of the most memorable days of our lives. It’s hard to believe that just one year ago, we started planning our wedding! I learned so much during the process and I want to share my tips with you. Whether this advice is relevant to you now or later, I hope that you still enjoy these little tidbits because I’ve always enjoyed reading about anything related to weddings since it’s such a magical time in a couple’s life and it’s fun to relive it with them. There a few things that I did which made me have the most memorable wedding day and I’m so grateful to have lasting memories that I still daydream about.

Being able to celebrate our love with our closest family and friends was surreal and being showered with so much love and attention was overwhelming (in a good way!). I’m so happy that I made sure to do these things to have the most memorable day possible because what they say it’s true, it goes by SO quickly.

How to Have the Most Memorable Wedding Day How to Have the Most Memorable Wedding Day

If you’re currently planning your wedding, I can’t emphasize how important these tips are! I really encourage you to apply every single one of them. And if you’re not engaged yet, I still recommend that you read through this post because you can still learn some tips that might be useful for a close friend or for yourself in the future.

{ Take in every single moment }

This might seem like an obvious one but this is probably my most important tip on having the most memorable wedding day EVER. One of the things that I kept on hearing is that your wedding day goes by SO quickly, which is true. But I’m so happy that I made sure to take in every single moment. From taking a few moments with my thoughts while getting my hair done, to jumping on the bed with my sisters (Photo-op!), and then walking down the aisle with my parents and looking around at the faces of all our closest family and friends, to each of the speeches that were given….I was conscious every step of the way, taking in my surroundings, the sites, the smells, the food, the people….that made me feel like the day went by slower. Take mental snapshots or bookmark moments throughout your day so you have many specific memories to look back on in the future.

How to Have the Most Memorable Wedding Day

{ Splurge on your shoes } 

Okay hear me out because you might be thinking “How is that relevant to making a memorable wedding day?” Well, just look at the picture above….enough said. But seriously, I LOVE that I have special shoes from my wedding day that I can also use in other occasions. I always knew that I wanted to get flashy wedding shoes (can’t get any more flashy than that I guess!) because not only do I have amazing memories associated to them from finding them to wearing them down the aisle and then dancing the night away, they have special meaning and now I can still use them in other situations and remember the amazing memories. It’s something ‘smaller’ that I can keep, re-use and even put on display in our living room, something that I can’t do with my wedding dress (because I’m not sure how the hubby would enjoy my wedding dress hanging in beside our couch…!).

{ Focus on what matters }

The night before our wedding day, my hubby and I met up for tea to have a bit of alone time together, and we told ourselves that tomorrow, the only thing we would do is to enjoy the day. We did everything we could to organize and prepare, and whatever happened, we were going to have an amazing day, no matter what! It wont matter if the centrepieces or flowers weren’t perfect, or if something wasn’t placed exactly where we wanted it to (although we were lucky to have a great wedding planner and she did a wonderful job!) but in the end, we decided that nothing would come in the way of us having a memorable wedding day to celebrate our love and the union of our families. What mattered was that we were starting our life together as husband and wife, nothing else.

{ Steal away moments with your spouse }

Throughout the day, you will be swarmed by people wanting to talk to you, checking in on you, wanting to congratulate you…it’s SO much fun and so overwhelming to receive so much attention, but it’s important to take moments for just you and your love. Before the ceremony, have a few moments alone (we did a first look and it was REALLY special to just have a few moments to ourselves), before the reception, sneak away and just take a few breaths and ask each other how you’re doing. Don’t forget that this is YOUR day, and you want to experience it together as much as possible!

{ Accept the love and attention }

This was a hard one for me because I have a hard time with getting attention but on our wedding day, I told myself that I would just have fun with it, and I really did have fun. You’re the bride and the groom, it’s inevitable that you will get a lot of attention, especially as the bride, so just go with it!! Although I was initially overwhelmed, I told myself that everyone was here, celebrating with us, because of their love for us. Once I put aside my discomfort with all the attention, I actually loved the spotlight! This might not be an issue for everyone, but I thought it was relevant to bring up because it’s important to remember that your guests are there to celebrate with you and are showering you with love on your special day, so make it memorable for yourself and just have fun!

What are some memorable moments that you’ve experienced at a wedding, whether it was yours or someone else’s? Share your comments with me, I’ve been LOVING reading all your comments!! You can also reach me through social media, @SeppyforLove!

How to Have the Most Memorable Wedding Day

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Some great insights into enjoying your special day! Love the glass bell you got for your shoes. And hey, about hanging the dress in the living room, you won’t know if hubby likes it until you tey it, no? 😂😂😂


Thank you so much!! It’s fun to hear about other people’s experiences on their wedding day. And haha I’ll let you know what the hubby says about the dress


I love this shoes and the glass bell for your shoes was a great idea! I can recommend to everyone not to freak out if things don´t go as planned on the wedding day and to enjoy the day to the fullest. xo



Thanks Courtney!!! I hope your friend finds them useful. And those are my Jimmys!! Wedding gift from my hubby 🙂


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