{ The Best Face and Eyeshadow Palettes }

The Best Face and Eyeshadow Palettes

Have you heard of the paradox of choice? Let me break it down for you: on a daily basis, we are faced with too many choices, so we begin to forget our core needs and focus only on our wants in the moment. “What does that have anything to do with face palettes?” you ask? More than we realize! We live in a world of consumerism and it’s easy to get caught up in wanting to get more stuff. I’m sure as heck guilty of it! And like anything else, I think it’s okay to have a balance where you can have fun shopping while also being conscious of how much you are buying, the impact your purchases will have on the environment and your finances, but also your happiness.

The Best Face and Eyeshadow Palettes

As someone who owns WAY too much makeup, I can tell you that the paradox of choice is REAL. I find myself reaching for the same products over and over again until I remember that I have a whole bunch of other products waiting to be loved. Do I really need all this makeup? No, not really. Do I enjoy it? Most of the time! What am I going to do about it? I’m going to de-clutter soon and then be very specific about what I buy from now on!

To avoid YOU from having the same issue of owning too much makeup and ultimately spending too much money, I wanted to share with you my favourite makeup palettes that I always reach for. I love having all-in-one palettes, whether it’s for the face or eyeshadows that has a good combination of colours. If you splurge on one palette, you can guarantee that you’ll get your money’s worth.

The Best Face and Eyeshadow Palettes

{ Hourglass }

This ambient lighting face palette lives up to its expectation for giving you a glow from within look. Their setting powder and under-eye setting powder are my favourite because they look natural while also brightening things up. The blushes are also beautiful and very easily blendable. I love that you have a combination of setting powder, blush and bronzer in one palette, all to create the perfect natural face! This one is always in my drawer because I love it so much. Keep an eye out for them because they’re limited edition but really worth buying!

The Best Face and Eyeshadow Palettes

{ NARS }

This is the second Nars limited edition face palette that I own and I have to say, they’re worth every penny. Not only is the product really good quality but you have your contouring and bronzing colours, and a good variety of blushes. You can’t really go wrong with this one! This is another limited edition that you’ll have to keep an eye out for but it will last a long time.

The Best Face and Eyeshadow Palettes

{ Lorac Pro Palette }

The first Lorac Pro Palette is Hands down my favourite eyeshadow palette. In fact, I try to minimize using it so that I don’t finish (Lorac isn’t easily accessible in Canada). There are 3 versions and alternatives like the unzipped palette that has more metallic shades, but the first one is my favourite palette because of the warmer shades but I love all Lorac eyeshadow palettes so pick one up the next time you get a chance!

The Best Face and Eyeshadow Palettes

{ Charlotte Tillbury }

This palette one is a special one for me because I also have good memories from when I bought it. My hubby and I went to Vancouver, B.C. for the weekend for one of my closest friends’ wedding. CT is another brand that I don’t have easily access to (I love going and browsing the counter rather than shopping online) so when I get the chance, I make sure to go to Nordstrom to browse. I got my makeup done that time and loved all the products she used, particularly this eyeshadow palette. It’s SO easy to use and you can do so many looks with it. It also helps taking a day look into a nighttime look because of the colours in the palette.

There you have it! My favourite face and eyeshadow palettes that are always in my every-day-used makeup drawer. I am constantly reaching for them and love them!

What are some of your favourite face and eyeshadow palettes? Do you have any of the ones I mentioned? I love hearing from you! 

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The Hourglass one looks particularly appealing to me as anew mom who needs to look more awake than I actually am 😂


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