Food { 22-Day Revolution | Week 3 }


I did it: I was fully vegan for 22 days! It has been an interesting and eye-opening experience, and I’m so happy that I was able to do it fully. I was able to learn a lot about my previous eating habits as well as what my body tolerates less. The overall experience has been… Read more »

Food { 22-Day Revolution | Week 2 }


Somehow the second week on the 22-Day Revolution vegan diet was harder than the first. The first week was about adapting and learning, while the second week was more about sticking through it, regardless of whatever I was craving. I had a few moments of frustration for not being able to order what I wanted… Read more »

Food { 22-Day Revolution | Week 1 }


My first week on the 22-Day Revolution diet has been interesting, to say the least. Overall, I am already happy with how things are going! So far, here are a few observations: { Hunger } The first 2-3 days were the hardest. I found that I was often hungry and had a headache, even though… Read more »

Food { 22-Day Revolution }


Over the past year, I’ve seen firsthand the benefits of leading a healthier lifestyle. But I find that I am still having some digestion issues, and I am not losing weight as much as I should be, considering how much I workout and how careful I’ve been with my eating habits. When new health trends… Read more »