{ Celebrating the Victories }

Celebrating the Victories

April 1st marked my 3-month timeline to reach a certain health goal. Although I didn’t quite reach it in terms of the numbers, I surpassed my goals in other ways and I think that still deserves to be celebrated! Celebrating the victories is an important step in personal growth because you need to foster a loving environment where you are able to set high standards for yourself while also being kind and patient with yourself.

In December, I decided that I wanted to reach my physical goals once and for all. I invested in myself by getting a package at my gym that included sessions with a personal trainer as well as a few sessions with a nutritionist. Together, we set a realistic timeline to reach a specific target within 3 months in a healthy and sustainable way. My goal was to lose a certain percentage of body fat rather than only focusing on the number of the scale. I’ve been working hard on this goal by creating healthier eating habits, going to the gym 4-5 times per week, trying to do yoga once a week, but also trying to develop other wellness habits like meditating and improving the quality of my sleep.

Celebrating the VictoriesYes I’ve lost weight, and I am able to see a difference in my body and when I put on my clothes. Even though I didn’t reach the goals in the number, I learned a lot on the way, which is setting me up for the next phase of my health and wellness objectives, because the ultimate goal is not just a number, but creating a healthy and balanced lifestyle where I am strong and confident in my body, where I’m full of energy, but that I’m also able to enjoy life and not be hard on myself. I can share what I’ve learned so far in my ‘weight-loss’/fitness path, but in the meantime, what I want to emphasize is celebrating the milestones and the ‘small’ victories along the way. It’s important to always take a step back and evaluate your progress and be able to pat yourself on the back and recognize how far you’ve come. Even though a specific goal might not be reached, we still deserve to celebrate what we have accomplished because you want to create a positive and encouraging mindset for yourself so that you’re able to keep on going to reach the next step.

I think the main thing that I realized during this process is that goals will always change and there will always be a new objective that you want to reach. You might lose weight but then you’ll want to tone your body for example. No matter what the goal is, you have made an effort and you deserve to celebrate your success so that you are encouraging yourself. It goes back to the simple question: ’How would you want to treat your friend/daughter/sister’ – would you congratulate them on a job well done and on the progress and efforts that they’ve made, or will you berate them and tell them that the results aren’t good enough and to ‘Try harder’. Yes, it’s good to be hard on yourself so you stay on track, but you also need to find some balance by giving yourself room to make mistakes or diverge from the plan a little because guess what, we also have to live a little and enjoy life!!

My reward for reaching my goal on April 1st was the English Pear & Freesia Jo Malone cologne that I fell in love with. On Friday, I went shopping after the gym, and while at the Jo Malone counter, I began to second guess myself, wondering whether I really deserved buying a gift for myself since I hadn’t lost all the body fat percentage that I wanted. I went back and forth, walked around the store, trying to decide what to do. I texted my hubby to ask his opinion and his answer reminded me that I made a lot of effort, I’ve come a long way, I have reached part of the goal, and most importantly, I’ve learned other things along the way that I didn’t realize before, so I  DO deserve to celebrate reaching my goals! And guess what, I’m so happy I bought this perfume because I’m obsessed with it and every time I get a whiff of it during the day, I’m reminded of the progress I’ve made and that I’m able to do anything when I set myself to it.

Keep in mind that I don’t always rely on buying things to celebrate milestones. Other things that I like doing is treating myself to a quiet night at home and allowing myself to watch my favourite tv-show, or going out to dinner with hubby. I even celebrate by treating myself to a hot yoga session or just going out by myself and going window shopping for example. I don’t have to buy something to treat myself and I certainly don’t need to spend money to feel rewarded! Writing this blogpost gave me the idea of putting down ‘reward ideas’ in my Bullet Journal for future reference.

How do you like to celebrate the victories? What’s the last thing you did to celebrate an accomplishment? Can you make a list of things that you like to do to treat yourself? Please share your thoughts and ideas with me, I love hearing from you and I know that we have so much to learn from each other!

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Thank you sweetie! It was a good feeling for sure! And now on to the next goal!!! 🙂

Let me know when you got a chance to smell it and whether you liked it!! XO


Such an important message no matter what goals we are pursuing. Progress is as important as the end result because, as you highlighted, a new end point will always pop up. Thanks for this reminder today, it was needed 🙂


Definitely! The path is just as important because that’s when you will be learning so much!

I’m glad the timing helped you Joanne! Thank you for taking the time to comment 🙂


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