{ Daring to Step Outside the Boundaries }

Daring to Step Outside the Boundaries

I know you’re probably thinking “Her outfit isn’t revolutionary…how is that stepping outside the boundaries”. Well, you’re right, my outfit isn’t particularly crazy. But it also is, especially for me. Let me explain…

Each of us have already written our own stories in our minds. Our experiences and path has influenced how we choose to talk to ourselves, about ourselves, and how we decide to be and see the world. Without realizing it, we have established boundaries for ourselves for what we consider appropriate and not, and what is ‘me’ or not. We set labels on ourselves which often limits our decisions and life choices.

Daring to Step Outside the Boundaries

Daring to Step Outside the BoundariesNow this might sound grandiose and complex, but it really isn’t. For example, you can label yourself as a vegetarian or vegan, therefore your eating habits will be specific to that decision: won’t eat certain types of foods. Or you might label your fashion style as something specific so when you go shopping, you won’t even bother looking at some stores or styles of clothing because you tell yourself, ”it’s not my style” or “I can’t pull it off because of my body.” Right or wrong, these are stories or the labels that we put on ourselves that will determine the decisions and potentially limitations we set for ourselves.

Daring to Step Outside the Boundaries Daring to Step Outside the Boundaries

What if we chose to remove some of those boundaries and limitations and start living outside the box we created for ourselves? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you shouldn’t be a vegetarian! Not at all! I’m just pushing you to start thinking about how you set limits to yourself in your life and how those can restrict your experiences.

Why do I bring this up? Well, since your asking, let me tell you! I saw this top about a month ago and I’ve been eyeing it since. I only decided to go try it on this week. Why did it take me so long to even go try it on? Because I had decided in my mind that: A) It wasn’t my style because it was too girly; and B) My boobs are too big for this type of top and it’ll just accentuate my chest. Why didn’t I just go and TRY on the top in the first place? Because my story was “My style isn’t ‘girly’”. And guess what? I went to try it on, I liked it, I bought it, took it home, tried an outfit I had in mind…and LOVED it! I actually felt super confident and girly in this top!

Daring to Step Outside the Boundaries I dared to step outside the boundaries I had set for myself and I’m so happy I did because I don’t have a top like this in my wardrobe and now I have a different style of clothing that I wont be afraid to try when I go shopping!

What are some ‘stories’ that you tell yourself? What can you do to do something opposite of your story to step outside the boundaries? Share your thoughts with me, I’d love to see what you think of this blogpost!

Daring to Step Outside the Boundaries Daring to Step Outside the Boundaries Daring to Step Outside the Boundaries

[ Photo credit : Thank you to my amazing hubby for making time to take pictures of me! ]

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Cute outfit. I like the color! One of my favorite colors actually! 🙂 My boundary smashing story: A few years ago, I told myself that I couldn’t work with a lot of people. My mentor told me to challenge that and I did. Now, ironically I work in a big retail store!


How interesting!! Thanks for sharing!!

It’s amazing the things that can happen when you breakthrough the stories and boundaries you set for yourself.

Kelly @Birdieshoots

I think you look great! Style is something that is incredibly personal, so if you feel like you’re going outside your fashion boundaries then that’s all that matters!

Birdie Shoots


Thanks Kelly!! And I totally agree – fashion is so personal but it’s great to try something different and outside of your comfort zone!

Melissa Jellie

No matter the boundary, it is always great to step outside. I love this outfit!


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