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Monthly Goals July

Another month and another set of goals! How was your month of June? Anything exciting happen? As I’m writing this blogpost, I realized that I haven’t looked at my 2017 goals in a while, which I probably should to make sure that my monthly goals are aligned and that I am working towards reaching my 2017 goals. Oups! #dontjudgeme. Even though my June goals were mostly reached, I realized that I need to delve a bit deeper in some areas like my blog, and be more systematic with my health and getting my sleep on track. Considering how busy June was, I think I did pretty well and that’s important to recognize any progress that you’ve made!

For July, I simplified my goals a little to make it more manageable and attainable. There’s nothing worse than setting unrealistic expectations and then being hard on yourself for not achieving what you had initially set out. It’s important to remember that every step is important, however small it might feel, because in the end, your efforts are cumulative and will eventually lead you to achieving your goals. Consistency is key!

July Goals July Goals

{ Blog Goal : Purpose }
With some help from my friend Sheila, I’ve done a lot of soul searching and I’ve been refining the mission statement of Elle is for Love. I want to continue that exercise and then work on improving my about page so that the purpose of the blog is clear for both my readers and for myself, which will help in creating engaging and amazing content for you guys!

{ Health Goal : Increase energy levels }
My sleep has slowly been improving but I need to be more disciplined about my nighttime routine. For some reason, I haven’t been able to stay consistent so I really need to tackle that this month. If something isn’t working and you’re not disciplined about it, there’s usually a reason for it (maybe it’s too overwhelming? It isn’t effective? Or maybe you need to #justdoit). For me, I know what I need to be doing to improve my sleep so I just need to bite the bullet and do it, but also stay patient because the results won’t be immediate.

July Goals July Goals{ Fun Goal : Socializing }
I’ve been meaning to organize a girl’s night for months but there always seems to be something going on. I’m going to sit down and look at my schedule and save a date because I love having evenings at home with my friends, laughing and playing games. I love having people over, it adds a positive energy to our home and I want to do that more often.

{ Self-Love Goal : Move night }
The same way that I love having friends over, I also love having a fun evening to myself with some pampering, some popcorn and a good movie. My hubby’s close friend will be staying with us for a week or so, which means that I have plenty of free time while they do their own thing, so I’m going to take advantage and organize a fun Seppy-evening.

{ Romance Goal : Quality Time }
We’re headed to LA next weekend!! Between my hubby’s work, starting his MBA and his friend visiting, and my grandfather being in the hospital, going to the gym 4 times per week and preparing for the 5K marathon, we’ve had a lot of to prepare and organize, so I’m looking forward to another weekend getaway. Although we’ve had a few nice quiet evenings at home where we’re both getting work done, it’s important to also set time aside where you can talk and really soak in each other’s company. I’m lucky that my hubby is very conscious of giving me attention, so I’m excited for LA where we get to spend a few days in a row together!

What’s one goal you would like to accomplish this month? What’s one action you can take RIGHT NOW towards reaching that goal? Act immediately to gain momentum towards achieving your dreams and goals, it just starts with taking the first step! This series is meant to inspire you to set goals as well because I’ve seen the benefits of working consistently towards specific goals.

July Goals July Goals

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Thank you Seppy. I love this post.
I started doing this very recently and it helps me finding a good balance. it is not always easy but on the long run it is great.


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