{ Monthly Goals | OCTOBER }

Monthly Goals October

I know we’re already one week into October, but here are my goals for the month. Better late than never, right?

If you follow me on social media, you know that September was a rough month. There were lots of fun memories but when it comes down to it, it was an exhausting month. After coming back from Mexico, I was sick for 10 days. I got a really bad cold that put me out of commission but in retrospect, it was exhaustion more than a cold. I couldn’t drag myself out of bed and didn’t leave the house for three days. I had a recurring fever and was barely functional. It wasn’t easy to drag myself to work let alone be able to get any work done on the blog or go to the gym.

This was a wake up call that I still have to be careful about how I spend my energy and to be more aware of my own needs so that I can set boundaries when I need time for myself to recuperate. As someone that loves to take care of others and who has so many ambitions and goals, it’s easy to get caught up and forget to listen to my body. I’m having a particularly hard time shutting down my brain at night and going to sleep.

Monthly goals October Monthly goals October

With cooler temperatures, I’m embracing the inevitable: winter is coming (any GoT fans out there?). Even though the end of the year tends to be extremely busy, I’m looking forward to a more quiet month so that I can get back on track with goals that I set out to achieve this year. This month, I decided to change the categories again, because that’s just how I felt in the moment as I was thinking about what I want to accomplish this month.

{ Health goals }

For this month, I want to make sure that I avoid what happened in September – being more mindful about my body and giving myself more time to recuperate and rest. I have a bad habit of not being to do one task at a time, so I really need to learn that if I’m resting, I need to ONLY do that. No need to scroll through social media or be on Pinterest. It’s okay to tune out and to just focus on myself and my thoughts and being present in the moment.

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I know this is going to be a challenge for me because I have the constant need to be doing more than one task at a time to be as efficient as possible. Which is why I’m trying to shift my mindset and realize that resting is actually doing something and it will be more beneficial to me in the long-run.

I’m in the home stretch when it comes to my weight loss goals so I want to stay on track so that I can reach that goal by my birthday at the end of November! Having a target date so close is exciting but also nerve-wracking because I get nervous about NOT reaching that goal. I know that’s not the right mindset, but I think that because I’ve been working so hard on this goal this year that I want to see the final results that I’ve been wanting for so long.

With the Body Love approach, I feel like I finally have a decent handle over being mindful about eating. But I have other goals like being able to do 5 unassisted chin-ups, 10 full push-ups and being able to do the splits by the end of this year. Although I don’t know I’ll be able to achieve all of these goals, I’ve gotten a lot stronger with the chin-ups which is an incredible feeling.

Monthly goals October

{ Blog goals }

When it comes to the blog, I’m relieved because I think I have a better weekly strategy to manage everything that needs to be done. Once again, realizing that time is limited and that I need to prioritize is going to be important for me. I think that I always over-achieve and set too many goals, which aren’t realistic. I’m trying to set more realistic monthly goals so that I can achieve all of them and feel proud and fuel that motivation for the next month.

I want to implement a few more changes on the website, namely my mailing list and creating some fun freebies for you guys! This is an exciting step but also nerve-wracking. Every step that I take towards building this blog is a step towards building a business and a community that I have so many ideas for and there’s always the fear of failure in the back of my mind that I’m trying to quiet down. But the inner critique can be loud at times so I need to work on quieting her down and just keep at it and staying patient.

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{ Other goals }

In an effort to put less pressure on myself, I’m also trying to set less monthly goals so that they’re realistic to achieve by the end of the month. I’d like to spend more time with my family but also my hubby. Even though we live together, he has an even more hectic schedule than me so I want to start implementing a weekly date, even if it’s an hour or two. We didn’t have a lot of alone time in September and I could really feel it emotionally by the end of the month (there were a few crying fits where I just needed to physical comfort from him… I know, I’m a big baby).

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{ Self-Love Lesson }

Take care of yourself on a daily basis. This will avoid a build up of stress and exhaustion. Being mindful of how you’re doing physically and emotionally are important in determining if you need to take time to recuperate and practice some self-care.

I’m planning to write out a more specific daily self-care plan that I want to stick to. There are too many things to do in the world to waste time sick in bed! So I want to make sure that I’m taking better care of myself, even if that means saying no to some things or putting less pressure on myself with cooking for example.

What are your goals for the month of October? How are you progressing so far?

Monthly goals October Monthly goals October

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Elyse @ Just Murrayed

I love that you’ve added weekly dates and self-care to your October monthly goals! They definitely keep me feeling grounded.Good luck!


God knows that I need the reminder haha If it’s on my list, it’s going to happen, otherwise it’s easy for me to push it to the side!

Andrea Spanik

Okay, your bullet journal is SERIOUS goals, omg! Especially because I was just thinking about how I need to start one. Also, totally relate to creating too many goals for your blog. Story of my life, but simplifying has definitely helped me! Thanks for sharing, girl! 🙂

Andrea | Hustle and Hearts


Great goals! I love how you’ve incorporated your personal and health goals here. This month is so hectic for me I haven’t set about any goals or achieving them, but I hope I can follow your pattern for next month!

Also, the more time goes by, the less and less I can use the excuse ‘I’m new to blogging’ …so really should be getting my butt into gear! lol



Thanks Taylor! Even though I don’t always do it on time for the beginning of the month, setting monthly goals really helps me stay on track for the month and my overall goals.

And it’s okay if you weren’t able to set any goals this month, you can do it next month!!! September wasn’t great for me so I’m getting back to it this month 🙂


I always love your monthly goals update 🙂

Trying to lose weight and build strength at the same time is hard! If you’ve nearly hit your weight loss goal (go girl btw) then you can focus even more on your chin ups and push ups afterwards.



Thank you sweetie… !! <3

And you're right, I didn't think of it that way... I think that I've been over-achieving with too many goals so maybe prioritizing one might be wise so that I don't overwhelm myself.

Thank you for always being so encouraging and supportive !


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