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Self-Love - Personal Development - September Goals - Preview

Oh goodness, it has taken me longer than usual to sit down and write this blogpost! I think I recently got a little bit overwhelmed with my goals because we’re already September and I’m wondering if I’ll be able to reach all my goals this year. But then I decided (just now) to change my perspective and create a more empowering meaning about how I’m feeling – maybe my goals were unrealistic to begin with? Maybe I need to focus on what I have accomplished and I’ll see that I’ve been able to progress in areas that I didn’t even intend to improve in to begin with!

Even though I’m not sure how many of you read these monthly goal blogposts, it’s a great way for me to stay accountable to myself and make sure that I consistently set my goals each month. I can then look back at my Bullet Journal and my blog to see that I’ve put time and effort into setting my intentions for the months and setting myself up for success to reach my goals for the year.

Even though I share my monthly goals in this series, I also want to hear from you. I’m curious to know: do you enjoy these blogposts? Do they motivate you to set monthly goals? Or do you not set monthly goals because you don’t see the benefits? Or maybe you don’t even know how to set goals? Basically I want to hear from YOU! I want to know what topics interests you or what you want to read more about so that I can create the content for you and help you in your journey, whatever your goals might be!

Self-Love - Personal Development - Monthly Goals (September) - 1 Self-Love - Personal Development - Monthly Goals (September) - 1

Alright, let’s get into it. For the month of September, I decided to streamline my goals a bit because August was challenging (I was sick for over two weeks because I’ve been pushing myself and doing too much) so I wanted to show myself some self-love. I’m also anticipating a busy month ahead with a trip to Mexico with my hubby, mother-in-law and Mom, and then my sisters’ birthdays (they share their birthday but are 8 years apart!). So I want to be realistic about my goals for this month so that I can slay the goals I do set for myself!

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{ Blog goals }

I’ve been happy with how things have been going on the blog but I want to step it up a notch (or 10).I have a few projects and ideas in mind that I really want to dedicate more time to and I’m grateful that I have a supportive hubby that has a lot of experience in business and marketing that has been helping me.

So my main blog goal for September is to….. register Elle is for Love as business!! Say WHAT?! Little Seppy a business owner?! That makes me laugh because never in a million years did I think that I would EVER be a business owner let alone an entrepreneur that has a million and one ideas about what I want to create with Elle is for Love. It’s exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time but I’m so passionate about this blog that I really want to dedicate the time and attention and love that it deserves. But most importantly, I want to invest in myself and my dreams!

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* How exciting, I procrastinated on writing this blogpost and now that I’m writing it, the creative juices are flowing and I’m getting myself pumped for my own goals haha

{ Self-love goals }

You know I had to include some self-lovin’ up in here. I feel like August was a big turning point for me on an emotional level because I feel so much more at peace and happier. There are moments where I get emotional and have tears because I am so darn happy. I had a rough patch in my early twenties and suffered from PTSD because of it and I’m finally getting to a place where I’m able to move on from a lot of those negative emotions and it feels incredibly liberating.

With that being said, I’m going to continue to be mindful about self-love this month, especially considering how sick and exhausted I was last month. So this includes starting my day with morning stretches and deep breaths, going back to the gym 4-5 times per week and pushing myself with my fitness goals (I want to be able to do 5 chin-ups and 10 FULL push-ups by the end of the year!). I also want to continue on a new eating habits/lifestyle that I started after the cleanse that I’m utterly obsessed with (more on that to come next week because it’s been LIFE-CHANGING).

Self-Love - Personal Development - Monthly Goals (September) - 1 Self-Love - Personal Development - Monthly Goals (September) - 1

{ Fun goals }

Oh goodness, it’s going to be a fun month. It was my friend’s birthday yesterday so we celebrated her at work, and tomorrow I’m going to a bootcamp class and dinner with her which will be very fun (we’re always laughing when we’re together. My 4 year old self comes out when I’m with her and I absolutely love it). And Friday we’re going out for her birthday which will be VERY fun! It’s always amazing when you make lifestyle friends at work and I’ve been lucky in that department.

This month, I also want to FINALLY organize my girls’ night because there are a few close friends that I haven’t seen for ages and I miss them a lot. Because I don’t have time to do one-on-ones all the time, this will be a fun way to see everyone at the same time, even if it won’t be a full catch-up with each of them.

And like I mentioned before, I’m off to Mexico next week with the hubby and the two Mommies which will be VERY fun! I can’t wait to be able to spend time with my two Moms. And then one week after we come back, it’ll be my sisters’ birthdays so lots of stuff planned around that!!

So there you have it! My monthly goals for September. I really want to know what your goals are for the month and how I can help you in your goals.

Leave questions and comments below and as always, you can get in touch with me on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook – I want to hear from you! I love connecting with others and learning from each other and hearing your stories. That’s the best part of blogging!

Self-Love - Personal Development - Monthly Goals (September) - 1 Self-Love - Personal Development - Monthly Goals (September) - 1

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I love your Bujo. I started mine but stopped using it after noticing hand lettering wasn’t for me. Love that washi tape though. Regarding your goals, it’s okay to switch it up during the month. As you accomplish some goals others come around and it goes on. I set some goals for August and I changed them after two weeks. Definitely set some realistic goals so you can accomplish them and set new ones right after.



Thank you sweetheart!!! I should maybe spend a BIT less time on my BuJo but I love it so much, it’s a way for me to de-stress and tune out!

Use your journal however way it makes you happy! I don’t think it’s necessary to do all the lettering and decorations and stuff (that’s what stickers are there for! Haha) the Washi tape is definitely another easy way to make your page look prettier.

Thank you for stopping by and commenting <3

Krista @ Reroute Lifestyle

OMG, Seppy your bujo is soooooooo gorgeous. You have such beautiful handwriting!!

I am so excited for your September goals & can’t wait to see when Elle is for Love becomes a registered business!!



Awww thanks Krista!!!! I used to do calligraphy when I was younger and then I stopped, and the bujo seemed like the PERFECT excuse to get back to it haha

I’m excited for the blog and all the ideas I have!! I just need to prioritize and work at it as much as possible. Thanks for the support <3


You’re an inspiration Seppy 🙂 I love how your organize your goals into categories, one of which is ‘fun’ – as it should be! So looking forward to hearing about how the cleanse has been life changing… After you got so sick I was wondering if you’d still recommend it?!



Thank you so much Belle, I really appreciate that!!

I’d still recommend doing a cleanse because I think it kick-started the final stage of my weight loss and it was very encouraging to see results in such a short period of time!


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