Food { Breakfast Coconut Chia Pudding }


Breakfast Coconut Chida Pudding-Preview

Experimenting in the kitchen and trying new recipes is a great way to tune out at the end of a long day at work, but also a great way to explore alternative cooking methods. I’ve loved trying vegan recipes lately, since I get an upset stomach when I eat meat and dairy products (I’m lactose intolerant)…. Read more »

Lifestyle { The Key to Transform your Life }


The Key to Transform your Life

A new year, new goals, new dreams. It’s been over a month since many of us set goals and resolutions. But the reality is that we don’t always follow through on the objectives that we set. I’m here to be that kick in the butt to remind you of your goals, and offer the key… Read more »

Food { Chocolate Crinkle Cookies }


Crinkle cookies-Preview

When my colleague took a bite of this chocolate crinkle cookie, he stared at me in disbelief: “WHAT did you put in these?! Is there crack in them or something?!” No, there isn’t crack. But yes, they’re addictive. Another colleague wanted to know where I bought the cookie, and was shocked when I told him… Read more »

Beauty { Homemade Facial Wipes }


Homemade Facial Wipes-Preview

After watching The Human Experiment documentary, I’m not gonna lie, I was a bit scared. I tried to replace that fear with educating myself about the steps that I can take in my life to try and eliminate chemicals wherever possible. I decided to move towards more natural products, whether it’s beauty products or household cleaning products…. Read more »

Lifestyle { Celebrate Life }


Celebrate Life

Today is my birthday. Even though I’m a shy person, I can’t deny that the attention and overload of love is heartwarming. But I’ve realized that in the last couple of years, I have created my own tradition to celebrate my birthday. And it’s not a celebration in a traditional sense of the term. The… Read more »

Food { Vegan Pumpkin & Apple Cake }


Vegan Pumpkin Apple Cake-Preview

After going fully vegan for three weeks this summer, I’ve been more inclined to try vegan recipes. I’ve been particularly intrigued with vegan baking because butter, eggs and milk are such staples and I’ve wondered how different the taste would be. I decided to try this vegan pumpkin apple muffin recipe, and was pleasantly surprised with the… Read more »

Fashion { How to Wear a Dress in Cold Weather }


How to wear a dress-Preview

When it gets cold, I stick to the same formula for an outfit: pants, a warm sweater, cute boots and accessories. Dresses are one of those things that I don’t like wearing in colder temperatures because: a) I get cold really easily; b) I find tights really uncomfortable; c) I feel like wearing a dress… Read more »

Food { Thai Curry Sweet Potato & Lentil Soup }


Thai Curry Sweet Potato Soup-Preview

I find it hard to express in words how delicious some recipes are. When I speak, I use a lot of facial and hand gestures that help convey what I am trying to say. But when it comes to writing, I find it more challenging. If I had to describe this thai curry sweet potato… Read more »

Fashion { Style Tip | Focus on the Details }


Style Tip Focus on the Details-Preview

What does ‘style’ mean to you? Is it wearing the latest trend or the ‘hottest new item’? Or is it a way to express who you are as an individual? When you really think about, ‘style’ is a broad term that can be interpreted in many ways. To me, style is about what makes you… Read more »

Lifestyle { October | Fun Reads }



I hope that you guys are having a great weekend and enjoying the beautiful Fall weather! I’m spending the weekend in Ottawa visiting my cousin for her 30th birthday! I can’t believe she’s 30 – I still remember being little girls and playing in our grandparents’ basement, making forts, having tea parties and putting up… Read more »