{ Powerful Lessons from 2017 : A Year of Growth }


Powerful Lessons from 2017 _ A Year of Growth

Life is full of powerful lessons and growth…if we choose to see it that way. This year was by far the hardest one yet, but not for the reasons you might think. Here are a few powerful lessons that I learned in 2017 and how it’s been a year of growth. Truth be told, I struggled… Read more »

{ A Simple Guide on How to Not Give a F*ck }


A Simple Guide on How to Not Give a F*ck

(Disclaimer: I wrote this blogpost when I was in a particularly cheeky mood. Whatever I wrote is not meant to offend anyone. This is my way of putting a funny twist on an issue a lot of struggle with, which is to care about the perception that others have of us and controlling ourselves too… Read more »

{ 29 Things I Learned in the Last 29 Years }


29 Things I learned in the last 29 years

Today is my birthday! 29. Damn… it feels like a big number. But it also doesn’t feel that old. Growing older doesn’t scare me. Even though society has an obsession with youth and not aging, I’m learning to accept and embrace it (now I sound old haha). There’s beauty in accumulating gaining life experience as… Read more »

{ The Beauty of Imperfection : An Important Life Lesson }


The beauty of imperfection

Here’s the truth. The topics I write about are based on lessons that I’ve learned. But there are times that I share advice that even though I know theoretically,  I can’t seem to apply them to myself. This past year, I’ve had the biggest transformation of my life (and no, I’m not exaggerating that). I’ve… Read more »