{ The Number One Fashion Tip You Need to Know }

The Number One Fashion Tip You Need to Know

You’re probably thinking: “Who’s this girl that thinks she knows the number one fashion tip? Who does she thinks she is??” (you’re also probably a little curious about what this tip is aren’t you?).

Well, guess what, I’m just like you: I enjoy picking my outfit in the morning, I feel prettier wearing some colours or outfits, some days I don’t feel like getting dressed up so I’ll throw on jeans and a simple top, and other days I want to dress up and put a shit ton of highlight because that’s how I roll. To each their own.

The Number One Fashion Tip You Need to Know The Number One Fashion Tip You Need to Know

I didn’t study fashion. I don’t watch every single fashion during Fashion Week. I don’t buy every single fashion magazine. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t understand fashion and that I know the number one fashion tip that you need to know. I’m here to remind you that the most important thing to remember about fashion is….there are no rules.

You might be rolling your eyes thinking… “Duh, I could have told you that!” but hear me out!!

The Number One Fashion Tip You Need to KnowThe Number One Fashion Tip You Need to Know

In an age where we live on social media and where there’s an abundance of amazing fashion blogs, it’s good to remember that you don’t have to wear the latest trend or buy the newest ‘it’ purse to be fashionable. Fashion is a self-expression of your personality and mood. If it’s springtime and you don’t feel like wearing pastels and flower prints, then don’t! No one dictates what you can and can’t wear. Fashion is what you make of it.

I strongly believe that you sometimes have to fake it until you make it. There are mornings where I wake up and I feel like shit. And those are the days that I’ll make sure I’m either wearing a comfortable outfit but still feel put together, or I’ll dress up and take a bit more time on my makeup so that I can perk up a bit. There’s nothing wrong with that because you are helping yourself by making yourself feel better!

The Number One Fashion Tip You Need to Know

So there you go. The number one fashion tip that you need to know is that fashion has no rules. Have fun with it. Express yourself. Try new things. Or don’t! Whatever makes you comfortable, confidant and happy! Because that’s what’s the most important part: that you are feeling yourself in your outfit and that you are not wearing a trend just because that’s what’s popular.

What do you think about fashion trends and ‘rules’? Are there any that you live by? Make sure to share your comments below or through social media, I love hearing from you!

[ Photo credit to my amazing hubby! Thank you! ]

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Damn girl ! Je savais pas que je cotoyais une vedette ! ! ! ! Beautiful pics !

Miss Jackson

Love it! All so true, fashion is all about personal style and preference. Great best btw!

Miss Jackson

Darn auto correct, I typed Vest my phone decided to select best ☺️


I agree with you. People don’t have to buy everything that is on trend. You should make your own style with what you feel comfortable. I like to cheer myself up and feel better with makeup. My makeup depends and can def. can tell my mood. I love it and I sometimes wear olive even though we’re not in fall, lol.


Exactly!! There’s no need to follow every fashion trend, unless you love them all!

And wear that olive – why not!! I’ve been wearing darker lip colours even though it’s not Fall.. #ohwell!


The difference between fashion and style: the first is about what you wear, the second is about how you wear it 😉


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